It might be challenging to invite prospects to interviews by email. While you may want to send as many invites as possible to suitable candidates, doing so may make you sound like an impersonal robot. But too much customization, and we're talking hours and hours spent just inviting prospects to interviews through email. This does not even consider the time it takes to schedule the interview.

The most awesome interview invitation emails use elements of template and personalization to make applicants feel special and wanted at your company.

This is the definitive guide for email templates to invite applicants to interviews.

Interview Availability Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Availability for interview – [company name].

Hi [candidate name],

Thank you very much for applying for the post of [job role].

After reviewing your application, I would like to schedule a phone interview to hear more about your work history and experience. We may also go through the job in-depth, including the responsibilities.

Here are a few times [add a few time slots] when I'm available to discuss. Do you find them convenient?


[sender name and position]

Interview Availability Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Interview with [company name] for the [job title] position.

Dear [candidate name],

We're delighted to move you on to the next round of the interview process. The manager will be glad to interview you in our office.

I've given some dates and times when they are available for an hour below. Do any of them fit into your schedule?

[mention couple of time slots]

After we've agreed on a day and time, I'll send you a calendar invitation with the office address and directions for entering the building.


[recruiter's name and position]