Employee promotions are significant occasions that demonstrate to your employees how much you regard their devotion, abilities, and leadership potential. There are several options for announcing an employee's promotion. Smaller businesses may announce promotions in meetings when all employees are present, while more prominent firms typically prefer email.

Use this email template to notify an employee of an internal promotion. This email should be sent after a discussion and verbal agreement between the employee and their present manager to confirm that the promotion aligns with the individual's career aspirations.

Include the following in an internal promotion offer email:

  • The employee name who is being promoted
  • The employee's prior job and length of time in that capacity
  • The new job and duties of the employee
  • The date when the employee will begin their new position
  • A description of the employee's key accomplishments and achievements to justify why they were promoted
  • A message inviting the rest of your colleagues to send their congratulations and best wishes to the promoted employee

Internal Promotion Offer Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Congratulations on your new position!

Greetings [employee name],

We are pleased to announce that you have been formally promoted to the position of [new job title] as of [date].

Your amended contract outlines your new job conditions and your remuneration package and perks, which are attached. Please sign and return this form by [date]. Of course, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We appreciate your dedication and hard work! We are excited to see you succeed in your new position.


[sender name and designation]

Internal Promotion Offer Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Congratulations on being promoted!

Hello Team,

I am delighted to inform you that [employee name] has been promoted to the [department name] department as our new [new designation].

[Employee name] has been crucial in the completion of various projects over the last [number of years] years, including [Mention 2-3 key projects]. You can also mention how it helped the business.

They will bring their extensive expertise and experience to [nention new tasks here] and assist us in increasing our business.

If you have any questions about what [employee name] new role could signify for your new working relationship, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I again express my heartfelt congratulations to [employee name] and wish them the best of luck in their new job.


[sender name and designation]