An informal offer job letter is a record that an employer sends to a new candidate in which it offers a specific position or role. An informal offer letter is an official variant of a formal offer letter that is succinct and to the point.

This offer letter is a written, formal confirmation that the candidate has been offered the post. It comprises the terms and conditions that the employer has agreed upon with the candidate, generally during the last round of the interview process.

Knowing about the role and the work and position criteria is critical for both the company and the new employee to begin a satisfying and healthy relationship.

Sending an informal offer letter is essential, particularly for companies. Even a minor delay might result in losing the ideal applicant to another organisation.

It is also critical to include the following details in the informal offer letter email template:

  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Starting Date
  • Detailed Job Description
  • Mentor
  • Company Rules & Regulations

Informal Offer Letter Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Your application for the post of [job title] at [company name].

Dear [name of candidate],

We are delighted to offer you the [job title] position at [company name]. We feel that your abilities and expertise will be beneficial to our organisation. According to the company's policies, you are entitled to all regular perks.

The basic pay will be credited in monthly instalments of [amount]. As part of the package, you are entitled to [number of days] of sick leave—[Include any other benefits here].

Simply sign and date this offer letter and respond to this email, and we will consider your acceptance! We'd love to have you at our office!

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email] or phone me.


[Name and designation of the sender]

Informal Offer Letter Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Job offer from [enter the Name of your organisation].

Hello [candidate first name],

We have enjoyed speaking with you, and we all believe you would be an outstanding [job position name] at [insert the Name of your firm]. You are our top choice, and we would love to have you on our team!

We are paying [insert suitable amount] every [year/month/hour]. We also provide [insert a list of perks your organisation provides, such as medical insurance, a retirement plan, equity, and a flex-time arrangement] and [insert suitable number] days of paid vacation every year.

We want to have you start at [enter start date].

Please sign this agreement and send it to me by [insert date] if you accept this offer.

If you have any concerns regarding our offer, please contact me or call me at [phone number].

We are delighted to have you on board!


[Name and designation of the sender]