Hiring update emails from recruiters to hiring managers are beneficial, especially early in the recruitment process before managers begin interviewing prospects.

This sample recruiting update email from recruiters to hiring managers includes information about the hiring process's current state, such as the number of applicants screened, interviewed, or rejected.

The significance of a good hiring update email

A recruiter's email to a hiring manager is frequently used to keep hiring managers informed about the recruiting process and to assist hiring managers in preparing for forthcoming interviews. The following are some applications for delivering a hiring update email:

  • It fosters open communication between the recruiter and the hiring manager
  • It makes the recruiting process clear
  • It provides the hiring manager with an overview of the candidate's abilities and credentials and assists them in preparing for the interview

Hiring Update Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Update on the [job title] position.

Hello, [name of the hiring manager],

I'm providing you with an update on the status of the [job title] opening:

The number of screening phone calls made: [ ]

The following candidates proceeded to the assignment phase: [ ]

The following number of screening phone calls are scheduled for the coming week: [ ]

Assignment submission deadline: [date]

Here's a rundown of the qualified applicants we've uncovered thus far:

[Mention candidate 1]: doesn't have relevant job experience but has done extensive study on our organization and is truly interested in the post. We had a great discussion, and I'm excited to see how their task turns out.

[Mention candidate 2]: has two years of work experience in a similar job and is well-versed in the area. Our conversation was official in tone.

Please refer to my notes attached to this email for further details. Please let me know if you require any other information. We may set up a brief call or meeting to follow up.

Thank you very much.

[sender name and email signature]

Hiring Update Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Hiring update.

Dear [name of the hiring manager],

This is to update you on the hiring status of the applications that have been submitted to our organization. We interviewed numerous individuals based on their credentials and are now looking forward to recruiting them for various roles at our organization.

We'd like to notify you that you should review the list of selected applicants and complete the rest of the onboarding process for them.

According to the corporate business, all candidates must go through another recruiting procedure, which we would want to continue.

We want this procedure to be completed as quickly as possible because our business is in need of fresh staff. Please check at the applicants' revised process and begin the next step in their joining.

If you have any more questions, please contact us at [mention phone number] or through email at [mention email address].


[sender name and email signature]