Increasing the reach of recruiting campaigns is crucial during times of talent scarcity. You may be able to contact people who are interested in your business but aren't actively looking for work by using recommendations from external networks.

Use this email template to notify individuals in your external network about a job opportunity and ask them to recommend someone who they feel is qualified for the role.

Employee Referrals from External Network Email Template Checklist:

  • The email should contain information about the procedure your receivers should use to refer a candidate.
  • The email should have a brief description of your company/team or the advantages associated with the post, which your receivers can share with interested candidates.
  • Remember to thank your employees for assisting you in your hunt for top prospects.
  • The email should consist of any advantages that come with the referral program.

Employee Referrals from External Network Email Template Sample 1

Subject Line: We're looking for a [job title]! Do you want to refer anyone?

Greetings, [employee first name],

Our company is now seeking for a [job title]. We want to offer you a referral programme if you know anyone qualified for the position listed below. Please urge them to apply to the HR department directly and to use your name as a reference.

This is an amazing career for anybody who wishes to [work with a diverse team/use cutting-edge technology, have professional development possibilities, and so on].

The interviews will begin on [date].

Also, keep in mind that if the individual you recommend is recruited, you will earn [reward].

Best regards,

[sender name]

Employee Referrals from External Network Email Template Sample 2

Subject Line: Do you know anyone who would be interested in the [job title] role?

Hi [employee name or all],

We are constantly looking for great individuals to work with, and we would appreciate your assistance in finding our next team member.

This individual will be in charge of [include 1-2 essential responsibilities]. [It's advisable to have some important job criteria, such as "experience with Jira."]

It's an excellent chance for a [job title] who wants to [be a founding team member, develop their product management abilities].

Do you know somebody who would be a good fit? If so, please submit them to us via email.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me through email or on [phone number].

Thank you very much.

[sender name]