Use these email templates to partner with external recruiters and securing the top applicants to fill roles at your organisation.

You may first get on an introductory call to discuss your and their expectations from the partnership and to get a sense of their timeline to ensure they are available for the timeline you have in mind to onboard your new hires. Then use this email template to describe your expectations.

You can additionally send a job description to help agency recruiters fully know the kind of individuals you're seeking.

Email from Employer to a Recruitment Agency or External Recruiter:

  • This email template can be used to collaborate with an external recruiter to find and employ the finest talent to fill jobs at your business.
  • This email is intended to approach recruiting partners who give you instant access to professionals that live and breathe optimal hiring practices. These individuals help businesses improve the quality of the hiring process, minimise risk, increase retention, and ultimately provide companies with a distinct competitive advantage.
  • The email should always carry a few necessary details like the position(s) you’re hiring for, nature of the role, compensation and date of onboarding.
  • The email should have a clear job description to help the recruitment partner fully understand the role objectives, responsibilities and expected skillset.

Email to Recruitment Agency Sample Template 1

Subject Line: New open role at [company name and job title].

Hello [recruiting agency/partner name],

As previously discussed, we will require a [job role title]. We are seeking a professional with at least [number of years of experience] in digital products. The compensation range for this [full-time/part-time/contractual] position is [$Xyz-$Xyz].

Please see the attachment for a detailed outline of our specific requirements. We want to have the applicant on board by [date]. Therefore,  we request a shortlist of [x number of] applicants by [date].

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want any extra information on the work requirements or wish to extend the time period.

Thank you very much.

[sender name]

Email to Recruitment Agency Sample Template 2

Subject Line: New job vacancy at [company name].

Greetings, [recruiting agency/partner name],

We're hiring a [job role title] in the [department]!

We are searching for a professional with [number of years of experience] and a strong [area of expertise] background to assist us in developing and implementing [1-2 major responsibilities for example: GTM for new features in our SaaS product].

The compensation range for this [full-time/part-time/contractual] position is [$Xyz-$Xyz]. I've included a complete job description for you to utilise in advertising the position and sourcing candidates.

We'd want to have our new recruit on board by [date]. If you could perhaps provide us with a shortlist of [x number of] prospects by [date], that would be fantastic. Please contact me if you have any questions about the qualification criteria or the scope of the role.


[sender name]