Sending timely emails with the proper content keeps prospects engaged and interested in the job while recruiting top talent for your company's available opportunities. These platforms help level the playing field for small and medium-sized enterprises, allowing them to compete for top talent with larger corporations.

An employee "thank you for applying" email notifies job seekers that their application has been accepted and may also establish expectations for what comes next and when they might anticipate answers. They can also be used to screen applications passively.

You should include the following information in the application acknowledgement email:

  • The applicant's name (if possible) and the post for which they've applied
  • Notify them that their application has been received
  • Explain the hiring process
  • Will interviews be held on any specified dates?
  • How long will the recruitment process take?
  • When and how will applicants find out if they did not advance to the next round?
  • Contact details for the in-charge recruiter in case the candidate has any queries
  • Experiment with conveying the company's culture or personality
  • Social media links
  • Write in a tone that is appropriate for your company

Application Acknowledgement Email Template Sample 1

Subject: We have received your application.

Hello [candidate name],

Your application for the post of [title] has been received. [A brief summary of the hiring procedure]. For the most up-to-date information, visit our corporate career page [link to career page] or follow us on social media at Facebook [link] and Instagram [link].

If you have any questions, please contact me at [phone number and/or email address].


[sender name]

Application Acknowledgement Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Thank you for applying for [role] at [company name].

Dear [candidate name],

Thank you for applying for the position of [job title] in our firm on behalf of [company Name]. We have received your application, and I will be evaluating it and updating the status of your application in the coming days.

If you are chosen for the next round of the recruiting process, I will contact you with a date and time for an interview. My response is due by [date].

I would like to thank you again for your application and for taking the time to apply for this position. I value your interest in our firm and wish you the best of luck in this selection process.


[sender name]