Nothing is worse for a job application than not hearing back from a prospective employer; therefore, it is critical to interact with applicants throughout the process. Employment seekers who are not chosen for an interview should be sent a rejection letter so that they may continue their job search.

Responding to all of these job candidates takes time. You will undoubtedly receive more applications than you can handle for each position you advertise. However, your emailed answer establishes you as an attractive employer of choice. When you publish another position for which the candidate may be qualified, your email rejection response invites the applicant to apply again.

Here are two sample job application rejection letter templates you may personalise for those you don't choose for an interview.

Suggestions for job candidate rejection letters:

  • Be direct. Maintain a professional and to-the-point tone.
  • Make your candidate rejection letters unique. Use the candidate's name and position, and provide a note on their performance if they attended an interview.
  • Be considerate. Because the candidate applied for a position at your company because they wanted to work with you, make your application rejection letter professional and courteous.
  • Be truthful. It may be tempting to state things in your candidate rejection letter that you do not mean. So, keep it basic.
  • Move quickly. Don't wait too long to write a rejection letter when you feel a candidate isn't a good fit for the job. Do it as soon as possible so they may focus their attention elsewhere.
  • When giving constructive feedback to a candidate, begin with something nice. You might start by complimenting them on their accomplishments and then go on to the abilities or credentials they lacked. Always conclude with a good tone by wishing them the best.
  • Keep your brand in mind at all times. The application rejection letter may be your final chance to make a good impression of your company. This will make your candidate feel good about your company or bad about themselves. When talking, keep your reputation in mind at all times. This should be the same for an applicant rejection letter.

Applicant Rejection Letter Email Template Sample 1

Subject: Job Application Update.

Hello [candidate name],

I appreciate your interest in joining the [business name] team. We wanted to let you know that your Profile and cover letter were excellent, but your application was not chosen for further consideration after our hiring committee examined it.

However, we will keep your resume on file and contact you about future possibilities that may be a better fit for your talents and expertise.

We wish you the best of luck in your job hunt and hope to consider you for another position in the future.


[sender name and designation]

Applicant Rejection Letter Email Template Sample 2

Subject: Job Application Update.

Dear [candidate name],

Thank you for being so interested in the [job title] role. We value your interest in working at [company name] and your time applying.

Though your credentials are excellent, we've opted to go ahead with a candidate whose expertise is more closely matched with the requirements of this specific post. We'll keep your Résumé on file for future openings that fit your qualifications, and we hope you'll consider applying with us again.

Best wishes for professional success,

[name and designation of the sender]