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Adaface Sample Webpack Questions

Here are some sample Webpack questions from our premium questions library (10273 non-googleable questions).


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                                    Which of the following statements about this code are true?
                                    A: The CommonsChunkPlugin is built-in feature that creates a separate file (known as a chunk), consisting of common modules shared between multiple entry points
            B: This code creates separate file: common.js which contains common modules from home and profile chunks.
            C: This results in pagespeed optimizations as the browser can quickly serve the shared code from cache
            D: This plugin does not effect page speed much since browser is forced to load a larger bundle whenever a new page is visited.


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • A B
  • A C
  • A D
  • B C
  • B D
  • C D
  • A D
  • A B C
  • A B D
  • A C D
  • B C D
  • A B C D
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2 mins
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Medium2 minsSolve

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