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Business Analyst Aptitude Online Test

The Business Analyst Aptitude Test is preferred by recruiters to assess on-the-job skills of candidates before an interview. It reduces technical screening time by 80% by enabling employers to identify qualified candidates.

Tilpasset baseret på:

  • Erfaring / vanskelighedsniveau
  • Flere færdigheder i 1 vurdering
  • Jobbeskrivelse / rollekrav


Analytical Thinking
Data Interpretation
Data Sufficiency

Gap Analysis means the analysis of the differences between the functionalities of an existing and the targeted system.

Gap Analysis
Problem Solving
Project life cycle
Cognitive competencies
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De ansættelsesforvaltere følte, at de gennem de tekniske spørgsmål, de spurgte under panelinterviews, kunne fortælle, hvilke kandidater der havde bedre scoringer og differentieret med dem, der ikke scorede også. De er meget tilfredsstillende Med kvaliteten af ​​kandidaterne shortlisted med adaface screening.

Human Resources Manager

Singapore Government.

reduktion i screeningstid

Prøve adaface. Business Analyst Aptitude Test Spørgsmål.

Disse er blot en lille prøve fra vores bibliotek på 10.000 + spørgsmål. De faktiske spørgsmål om dette Business Analyst Aptitude Test vil være ikke-googleable.

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Airline Operators
Four airline operators A, B, C and D operate on a popular route between 2 cities, Rome and Venice in Italy. Airline A wanted to increase the number of seats sold, so they reduced their fares for this route. Airlines B, C, D imitated this move immediately. The general belief is that the volume of air travel between Rome and Venice would increase as a result of this. Which of the following statements, if true, would add trust to the general belief?
A: All 4 airlines see increased profits.
B: Airlines start slashing rates for other routes as well.
C: A study shows that around 80% of air travel in Italy is company sponsored.
D: A study shows that air travellers in Italy are price sensitive.
engelskLet2 min
Badminton Players
A badminton coach was trying to put together a team of 4 players for a friendly badminton championship out of 7 players. R, S, T are the male players, and W, X, Y, Z are the female players. Note that all players have equal ability, and the team needs to have atleast 2 male players. While selecting the team we need to keep in mind that all 4 players should be able to play with each other. We also need to keep the following restrictions in mind:
- R cannot play with Y
- S cannot play with W
- T cannot play with Z
Which of the following are true:

A: S and Z cannot be in the team together.
B: T and Y cannot be in the team together.
C: T and X cannot be in the team together.
Logisk begrundelseMedium3 min
China manufacturing
The cost of manufacturing phones in China is twenty percent lesser than the cost of manufacturing phones in Vietnam. Even after adding shipping fees and import taxes, it is cheaper to import phones from China to Vietnam than to manufacture phones in Vietnam. Which of the following statements is best supported by the given information. 
A: The shipping fee from China to Vietnam is more than 20% of the cost of manufacturing a phone in China.
B: The import taxes on a phone imported from China to Vietnam is less than 20% of the cost of manufacturing the phone in China.
C: Importing phones in Vietnam will cut 20% of the manufacturing jobs in Vietnam.
D: It takes 20% more time to manufacture a phone in Vietnam than it does in China.
E: Labour costs in Vietnam are 20% higher than in China.
Verbal ræsonnementLet2 min
Commerical Premises
A large real estate company conducted a recent study of their customers. The study was designed to uncover insights regarding the main criteria for choosing to invest in a residential property. A majority of the customers surveyed stated the 'returns profile' was their main priority, followed by 'development potential' and 'stability of income'. 'Portfolio legacy' ranked at the bottom in the list of factors. It was interesting to note that respondents were less likely to have residential holdings that formed part of mixed-use assets i.e. as an add on to commercial investment. One might assume that more investors are proactively investing in residential real estate rather than having incidental exposure via business investments. 
Based on the given passage, what can we say about the following statement?

Business owners having commercial premises often have a residential property as part of their portfolio.
Verbal ræsonnementMedium2 min
Export import analysis
The following graph shows the ratio of exports to imports for Singapore.
If the imports of Singapore in 2004 were 156 million $, what was the amount of exports in that year (in million $)?

Data fortolkningLet2 min
Increasing monthly gross profit
The CEO of Snipr. Inc wants to grow monthly gross profit by 4%. If costs stay the same, what does the sales turnover need to be in February to achieve this goal?
Numerisk ræsonnementLet2 min
New requirements outside scope
Sam is a business analyst. They have been working on a project using an plan-driven approach. The digital marketing team has notified of new requirements saying that they would not be able to sell the product without the changes. The new requirements do not fall with the approved scope of the project. Which of the following actions should Sam avoid?
Business AnalysisLet2 min
Reading Comprehension
This note informs Savannah that:

A: she can purchase new toys at a discounted rate.
B: the toy store has a new collection that she can purchase from now.
C: she can sell her used toys to the store.
D: she can get used and new toys in the ongoing sale at the store.
engelskLet2 min
Sacrifices and gains
Sergei, Larry and Mark were partners in Deep Mind sharing profits and losses in ratio of 4:3:2. It is decided to share future profits and losses in ration 2:2:1. How does this change ratio of sacrifices and gains of partners?
A: Sergei sacrifices 2/45, Larry sacrifices 1/45, Mark gains 3/45
B: Sergei gains 2/45, Larry sacrifices 3/45, Mark gains 1/45
C: Sergei sacrifices 2/45, Larry gains 3/45, Mark sacrifices 1/45
D: Sergei gains 2/45, Larry gains 1/45, Mark sacrifices 3/45
Numerisk ræsonnementMedium3 min
Sentence Correction
Being unaware of the legal consequences of his action, an arrest was made by the security personnel. 

Which one of the following would be the best replacement for the second part of the sentence?
A. the thief was arrested by the security personnel.
B: the security personnel made an arrest.
C: the security personnel called the police officers to arrest the thief.
D: an arrest was made by the security personnel.
E: an arrest was made by the police.
engelskMedium2 min
Voting turnout
The following graph shows the percentage of people who voted in the local election for a small village:
In which pair of years was the number of people who voted, the same?
Data fortolkningLet2 min
Website Ads
During the weekly meeting, our marketing manager mentioned that we had run a group of advertisements in the print version of a lifestyle magazine, and also on the magazine's website. We do not have any stats available regarding the response to the print ads, but analytics show that the response to the website ads was much lower than typical website ads. She added that on the basis of these results, she believed that response to print ads was below average too. Which of the following statements is valid regarding the manager's rationale behind the conclusion?
A: She inferred a statistical generalization from claims about a large number of specific events.
B: She relied on the knowledge about the typical frequency of events of a general kind to infer the probability of a particular kind of event.
C: She inferred the probability of future events from recent comparable events.
D: She based a prediction of the intensity of a phenomenon on the data about the intensity of the cause of that phenomenon.
E: She used a case in which direct evidence is available to infer a conclusion about an analogous scenario for which direct evidence is not available.
Logisk begrundelseLet2 min

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Morgan Stanley
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Optimum Solutions
United Nations
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Om adaface. Business Analyst Aptitude Test

Evaluate business analysis and aptitude skills with Adaface skills assessment platform powered by an intelligent chatbot


Analytical Thinking
Data Interpretation
Data Sufficiency

Gap Analysis means the analysis of the differences between the functionalities of an existing and the targeted system.

Gap Analysis
Problem Solving
Project life cycle
Cognitive competencies
Business Intelligence
ERP system

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis is one of the most widely used technique in organizations for proper resource allocation.


BRD stands for Business Requirement Document. It is a formal contract between the organization and the client for the development of the specific product.


Business modelling is a step-by-step approach for identifying the value proposition for operating the business.

Business modelling

Anbefalede roller:

Junior Business Analyst
Senior Business Analyst

Why You Should Use This Business Analyst Assessment Test

The Adaface Business Analyst assessment Test helps recruiters and hiring managers to identify qualified candidates from a pool of resumes, and helps in taking objective hiring decisions. It reduces the administrative overhead of interviewing too many candidates and saves expensive engineering time by filtering out unqualified candidates.

The Adaface Business Analyst assessment test screens candidates for the typical skills recruiters look for in a Business Analyst.

The insights generated from this assessment can be used by recruiters and hiring managers to identify the best candidates for the role. Anti-cheating features enable you to be comfortable with conducting assessments online. The Business Analyst Online Test is ideal for helping recruiters identify which candidates have the technical skills to do well on the job.

Skills assessed in the Business Analyst Test

The role of a business analyst requires expertise on a few skills and tools. Although the exact configuration of the custom assessment set up for your company will depend heavily on your job description, some common skills assessed are:

  • Problem-solving: Problem-solving is a major discipline within business analysis. Undertaking business analysis, business architecture, or enterprise architecture involve the use of a broad spectrum of knowledge and best practice in frameworks and techniques to solve business problems.
  • Logical/ Analytical reasoning: Analytical thinking is a key underlying competency for a business analyst. Strong analytical skills transform a BA from an “order taker” to a true collaborative partner for all stakeholders.
  • Analytics Tools: Microsoft Excel is ubiquitous in the business world. Sometimes, if the task will be repeatable, then a scripting language like R or Python would be more appropriate. A business analyst needs to be able to do statistical, quantitative, and exploratory data analysis using popular tools.
  • Critical Thinking: It is the mental process of carefully evaluating information and determining how to interpret it in order to make a sound judgment. This is a skill crucial for business analysts.

About Business Analyst Job Roles

Business Analysts conduct market analysis, analysing both product lines and the overall profitability of the business. In addition to performing financial and operational modelling, a Business Analyst is expected to develop new models that underpin sound business decisions.

Business analyst help guide businesses in improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis. They are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the business using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and stakeholders.

Typical responsibilities of a business analyst might include:

  • Determine operational objectives by studying business functions; gathering information; evaluating output requirements and formats
  • Identify problems within a business, including through using data modelling techniques
  • Persuade internal and external stakeholders of the benefits of new technology or strategies
  • Define project requirements by identifying project milestones, phases and elements; forming project team; establishing project budget
  • Working closely with clients, technicians, and managerial staff
  • Updating, implementing and maintaining procedures
  • Monitoring deliverables and ensuring timely completion of projects
  • Conduct and coordinate financial, product, market, operational and related research to support strategic and business planning within the various departments and programs of the client group

This Business Analyst assessment test is designed to filter out candidates for roles like:

  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Associate Business Analyst

Distribution af testresultater

Den faktiske score Distributon vil variere baseret på din kandidatrørledningskvalitet, men du bør typisk forvente ~ 20% af kandidaterne til at gøre det godt på Adaface-vurderinger.

Resultatfordelingen for vores vurderinger følger den normale kurve. Dette er en god tegn-standardiserede tests som SAT og GRE følg den normale distribution (Bell Curve).

Status quo vurderinger har typisk det nøjagtige modsatte af bellkurven (for mange kandidater, der kommer tæt på 0, for mange kandidater, der kommer tæt på 100 og for få kandidater i midten). Dette er typisk fordi de fokuserer på teoretiske spørgsmål eller trick spørgsmål, som er meget binære i naturen - enten du kender tricket / teorien eller det gør du ikke.

Hvordan adaface er anderledes

Adaface. conversational vurderinger. er reflekterende af on-the-job-færdigheder og se en 86% afslutningshastighed sammenlignet med ~ 50% for traditionelle vurderingsplatforme.

Gamle Way.

Traditionelle tests.

Teoretiske spørgsmål / puslespil

Føles som en test

One-size-fits-alle vurderinger

Leje i.
Uger / måneder


Adaface vurderinger.

Spørgsmål til on-the-job færdigheder



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Hvad er en brugerdefineret vurdering?

Hver rolle er anderledes og kræver en brugerdefineret vurdering for at identificere topkandidater effektivt. Adaface-emne Eksperter Forstår din jobbeskrivelse / rollebehov og vælg de mest relevante spørgsmål fra vores bibliotek med 10000+ spørgsmål til at skabe en teknisk vurdering, der hjælper dig med at finde de kvalificerede kandidater i din kandidatrørledning hurtigt. Alle brugerdefinerede vurderinger er oprettet baseret på jobbeskrivelsen, rollekrav, skal have færdighed, oplevelsesniveau og lønområde inden for højst 48 timer, og du får en e-mail-besked, når den går live.

Tjek en prøvevurdering her (ingen kreditkort påkrævet).

Kan jeg kombinere flere færdigheder i en brugerdefineret vurdering?

Ja absolut. Brugerdefinerede vurderinger er oprettet baseret på din jobbeskrivelse, og vil inkludere spørgsmål på alle must-have-færdigheder, du angiver.

Hvordan er Adaface forskellig fra andre vurderingsværktøjer?

Vi mener, at status quo tech vurdering platforme ikke er en retfærdig måde for virksomheder at evaluere ingeniører, fordi de fokuserer på trick spørgsmål / puslespil / niche algoritmer. Vi startede Adaface for at hjælpe virksomheder med at finde gode ingeniører ved at vurdere on-the-job-færdigheder, der kræves for en rolle. Læs mere om Hvorfor vi startede Adaface.

Her er hvad der er anderledes med adaface:

  • Højkvalitets ikke-googleable spørgsmål, der tester for on-the-job-færdigheder i modsætning til teoretisk viden.
  • En venlig konversationsvurdering med en chatbot, i stedet for at sende en "test" til en kandidat. Dette oversætter til en højere færdiggørelseshastighed. Adaface Vurderinger (86% Kandidatafslutningsfrekvens), i modsætning til traditionelle tests (40-50% kandidatafslutningsfrekvens)
  • Tilpassede vurderinger for 700+ færdigheder på forskellige oplevelsesniveauer.
Har du nogen anti-snyd eller proctoring funktioner på plads?

Vi har følgende anti-snydende funktioner på plads:

  • Webproctoring.
  • Webcam Proctoring.
  • Plagairism Detektion
  • Ikke-googleable spørgsmål
  • Sikker browser.

Læs mere De ProCtoring-funktioner.

Hvordan fortolker jeg testresultater?

Den primære ting at huske på er, at en vurdering er et elimineringsværktøj, ikke et valgværktøj. En færdighedsvurdering er optimeret for at hjælpe dig med at eliminere kandidater, der ikke er teknisk kvalificeret til rollen, det er ikke optimeret for at hjælpe dig med at finde den bedste kandidat til rollen. Så den ideelle måde at bruge en vurdering på er at bestemme en tærskel score (typisk 55%, hjælper vi dig med benchmark) og invitere alle kandidater, der scorer over tærsklen for de næste runder af interview.

Hvilket oplevelsesniveau kan jeg bruge denne test til?

Hver adaface-vurdering er tilpasset din jobbeskrivelse / ideel kandidatpersona (vores emne Eksperter vil vælge de rigtige spørgsmål til din vurdering fra vores bibliotek med 10000 + spørgsmål). Denne vurdering kan tilpasses til eventuelle oplevelsesniveau.

Får hver kandidat de samme spørgsmål?

Ja, det gør det meget lettere for dig at sammenligne kandidater. Valg til MCQ-spørgsmål og rækkefølgen af ​​spørgsmål er randomiseret. Vi har anti-cheating / proctoring funktioner på plads. I vores Enterprise Plan har vi også mulighed for at oprette flere versioner af samme vurdering med spørgsmål om lignende vanskelighedsniveauer.

Jeg er kandidat. Kan jeg prøve en øvelsestest?

Nej. Desværre understøtter vi ikke praksis tests i øjeblikket. Du kan dog bruge vores prøve spørgsmål til praksis.

Hvad er omkostningerne ved at bruge denne test?

Du kan tjekke vores prisplaner.

Kan jeg få en gratis prøveversion?

Platformen er helt selvbetjening, så her er en måde at fortsætte:

  • Du kan Tilmeld dig GRATIS for at få en fornemmelse for, hvordan det virker.
  • Den gratis prøveperiode indeholder en prøvevurdering (Java / JavaScript), som du finder i dit instrumentbræt, når du tilmelder dig. Du kan bruge den til at gennemgå kvaliteten af ​​spørgsmål og kandidatoplevelsen af ​​en konversationstest på Adaface.
  • For at gennemgå kvaliteten af ​​spørgsmål, kan du også gennemgå vores offentlige spørgsmål til 50 + færdigheder her.
  • Når du er overbevist om, at du vil prøve det med reelle vurderinger og kandidater, kan du vælge en plan i henhold til dine krav.
Jeg har lige flyttet til en betalt plan. Hvordan kan jeg anmode om en brugerdefineret vurdering?

Her er en hurtig vejledning på Sådan anmodes om en brugerdefineret vurdering på Adaface.

Med ADACACE var vi i stand til at optimere vores indledende screeningsproces med op på 75%, hvilket frigør dyrebar tid for begge ansættelsesforvaltere og vores Talent Acquisition Team ens!

Brandon Lee, Leder af mennesker, Love, Bonito

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