WordPress General Interview Questions
  1. Where is WordPress content stored?
  2. What are the types of hooks in WP and what are their functions?
  3. How do you enable debug mode in WP?
  4. What is a WordPress taxonomy?
  5. How many default tables are the WordPress, Can you list them?
  6. How to run database Query on WordPress?
  7. How will you display error messages during development in WordPress?
  8. What is usermeta function in Wordpress?
  9. Can you list any other CMS better than WordPress?
  10. Why is a static front page used in WordPress and how can you create one?
  11. Is wordpress.com more secure than wordpress.org?
  12. Why is MySQL used in WordPress?
  13. Mention the rules to be followed while developing the WordPress Plugin?
  14. How will you display error messages during development in WordPress?
  15. Function to get website url in wordpress?
  16. What are the template tags in WordPress? List some of them.
  17. List some action and filter hooks functions in WordPress?
  18. What are the rules that you have to follow for WordPress plugin development?
  19. Is it possible to rename the WordPress folder?
  20. What are the steps you can take if your WordPress file is hacked?
  21. Can you host WordPress using Amazon web services such as EC2, RDS, EBS, etc.?
  22. How can you create a static page with WordPress?
  23. What is a Child Theme?
  24. Why does widget not show up in the sidebar?
  25. What are the plugins you can use to create a contact form in WordPress?
  26. What is WordPress loop?
  27. What do you mean by a custom field in WordPress?
  28. From SEO point of view is WordPress helpful? Will it show the website on Google?
  29. Is there any limitation for WordPress website?
  30. How can you add a Custom dynamic sidebar to your WordPress?
  31. How do you ensure security using your WordPress site?
  32. How many types of user roles are there in WordPress?
  33. How do you install WordPress to your system using the basic steps?
  34. Where does the difference lie between character 23 and x23?
  35. Does WordPress come with the hosting feature compatible with Amazon web services like EC2, EBS, RDS, etc.?
  36. Why should one not hack the WordPress core file?
  37. Custom post type or custom database tables, which one is best to use for your plugin development?
  38. Are there any ways to write a series in WordPress?
  39. Which one is considered as the better CMS than WordPress?
  40. What are WordPress hooks?
  41. How to get a website URL in WordPress?
  42. How to change the homepage URL in WordPress?
  43. How we can change table prefix ( wp_ ) in WordPress?
  44. How to display custom Post in WordPress?
  45. How to add custom dynamic sidebars in WordPress?
  46. How to take backup of our WordPress website?
  47. What is plugin? list some important WordPress plugin?
  48. How do you create a page template?
  49. Why WordPress is the best CMS?
  50. What are the difference between post and page in WordPress?
  51. How we can disable comments in WordPress?
  52. Explain Avatar in WordPress?
  53. What should basic steps when our WordPress site hacked?
  54. How to change the default length of the excerpt in WordPress?
  55. How do I update my wordpress website?
  56. What are the steps to install WordPress theme?
  57. What is config file in WordPress?
  58. What is custom fields in WordPress?
  59. What is taxonomy in WordPress? Explain
  60. Is WordPress website is secure?
  61. Where do I insert Google Analytics code in WordPress?
  62. How do I edit the contents of a page in WordPress?
  63. How to check if any plugin is active in WordPress?
  64. What are the new features in WordPress 5.3?
  65. How to display the current page title in WordPress?
  66. What is wp_enqueue_script() function in WordPress?
  67. How to display an image URL from thumbnail in WordPress?
  68. How to create Shortcode function in WordPress?
  69. How to display custom field value in page?
  70. How to add your custom image size for the featured image in WordPress?
  71. Is WordPress safe from brute force login attempts? If not, how can you prevent such an attack vector?
  72. Suppose you have a non-WordPress PHP website with a WordPress instance in the “/blog/” folder. How can you show a list of the last 3 posts in your non-WordPress pages?
  73. How would you change all the occurrences of “Hello” into “Good Morning” in post/page contents, when viewed before 11AM?
  74. List the positive aspects of WordPress?
  75. What tables are added to the WordPress database when the multisite feature is activated?
  76. What is _e() in WordPress?
  77. What is __() in WordPress?
  78. How pages are different from posts in WordPress?
  79. What if your web hosting provider doesn’t have mod_rewrite activated?
  80. What are Avatars and Gravatars?
  81. Explain about $wpdb variable in WordPress.
  82. Brief on Photon in WordPress?
  83. For SEO, What are the WordPress plugins mainly used?
  84. Define OAuth2?
  85. What are Common WordPress Errors?
  86. What are WordPress Security Plugins in 2021?