TypeScript General Interview Questions
  1. Difference between typescript and javascript?
  2. How do you install TypeScript?
  3. Who developed Typescript and what is the current stable version available?
  4. What are types in TS?
  5. What Are The Benefits Of Typescript?
  6. What are Variables in TypeScript?
  7. What are Interfaces in TypeScript?
  8. What are Classes in TypeScript?
  9. What are the access modifiers supported by TypeScript?
  10. What are modules in TypeScript?
  11. What is namespace in Typescript?
  12. Explain Decorators in TypeScript.
  13. What are Mixins?
  14. What is Scope variable?
  15. What is the TypeScript Definition Manager?
  16. What is tsconfig.json file?
  17. What are Generics in TypeScript?
  18. What is JSX in TypeScript?
  19. What is a TypeScript Map file?
  20. What is “as” syntax in TypeScript?
  21. Explain Enum in TypeScript.
  22. What is an anonymous function?
  23. What is Lambda/Arrow function?
  24. What is Compilation Context?
  25. What is Triple-Slash Directive?
  26. Why TypeScript is referred as Optionally Statically Typed Language?
  27. How to Call Base Class Constructor from Child Class in TypeScript?
  28. What is default visibility for properties/methods in TypeScript classes?
  29. Does TypeScript support all object-oriented principles?
  30. What is Type assertions in TypeScript?
  31. What is Rest parameters?
  32. What is Declaration Merging?
  33. What is getters/setters in TypeScript?
  34. What is duck typing in TypeScript?
  35. What is an implicit Module in Typescript?
  36. What are TypeScript Optional Properties?
  37. What are Closures in Javascript?
  38. What is AMD in TypeScript?
  39. What is the advantage of Arrow function in TypeScript?
  40. Why is TypeScript strongly typed?
  41. What is static typing in TypeScript?
  42. What is the prototype in TypeScript?
  43. What is the callback function in TypeScript?
  44. Explain access modifiers in TypeScript?
  45. What is super in TypeScript?
  46. What is the export class in TypeScript?
  47. Is it possible to merge multiple .ts files into a single .js file?
  48. What is import and export in TypeScript?
  49. Which keyword is used for inheritance in TypeScript?
  50. What does the ‘Omit’ type do?
  51. Where can decorators be applied to?
  52. What does the ‘Record’ type do?
  53. How can you access classes outside the module they are defined in?
  54. When to use the ‘unknown’ keyword?
  55. What is the difference between var and let in Typescript?
  56. What are methods overriding in Typescript?
  57. How to check null and undefined in typescript?
  58. What does it mean by Semantic HTML?
  59. List out all the components of TypeScript.
  60. What are the file Naming Extension’s in TypeScript?
  61. What is tuple in TypeScript?
  62. Describe pop() and push() method in tuple.
  63. What are the different types supported by TypeScript ?
  64. What are TypeScript collections ?
  65. Is it possible to debug any TypeScript file?
  66. How you can use TS with jQuery, Angularjs and Reactjs?
  67. How do you declare an undefined variable?
  68. How to declare and initialize an array in Typescript ?
  69. What is union type ?
  70. How to pass options to TypeScript compiler?
  71. What does the pipe(|) mean in typescript?