1. Explain the use of session framework in Django?
  2. List out the inheritance styles in Django?
  3. What is Django?
  4. How do you connect your Django project to the database?
  5. What are Models?
  6. What are views?
  7. What are templates?
  8. What is the difference between a Project and an App?
  9. What is mixin?
  10. When can you use iterators in Django ORM?
  11. What are the signals in Django?
  12. What is the role of Cookie in Django?
  13. Django is an MVC based framework, how does this framework implement MVC?
  14. How is Django’s code reusability feature different from other frameworks?
  15. What happens when a typical Django website gets a request?
  16. Why is Django called loosely coupled framework?
  17. Explain the importance of file and what data/ settings it contains.
  18. Why does Django use regular expressions to define URLs? Is it necessary to use them?
  19. Django is too monolithic. Explain this statement.
  20. Why permanent redirecting is not a good option?
  21. Explain user authentication in Django?
  22. Explain context variable lookups in Django.
  23. What are custom validation rules in form data?
  24. What is the difference between authentication and authorization?
  25. What is Pagination?
  26. Explain the use of migrate command in Django?
  27. What are the roles of receiver and sender in signals?
  28. What is CSRF?
  29. What is CRUD?
  30. Can you tell us something about the Django admin interface?
  31. How is the reusability feature of Django different from the rest of the frameworks?
  32. How does Django's admin interface support customization?
  33. How are RESTful APIs beneficial for developers?
  34. What is the use of the include function in the file in Django?
  35. Explain how you can use file based sessions?
  36. What is the typical usage of middlewares in Django?
  37. What is DRF of Django Rest Frame work?
  38. What is token based authentication system?
  39. How to implement social login authentication in Django?
  40. Mention the differences between Django, Pyramid and Flask.
  41. Explain the use of decorators.