SSRS General Interview Questions
  1. Mention what are the important architecture components of SSRS?
  2. Explain what data regions are and what are the different data regions?
  3. Explain what are the different stages of Report Processing?
  4. Mention what are the new features in SSRS?
  5. Explain what is a sub-report?
  6. List out what other servers you can use with SSRS?
  7. Mention what are the core components of SSRS?
  8. Mention what are the different types of SSRS reports?
  9. Name some of the open source software that you can use in alternative to SSR?
  10. Mention what are the reporting service components in SSRS?
  11. Explain can you implement data mining in SSRS?
  12. Explain how you can configure a running aggregate in SSRS?
  13. Mention what is the main function of a query parameter?
  14. Explain can SSRS reports Cache results?
  15. Mention what are the three command line utilities and what are their primary functions?
  16. Explain how you can deploy an SSRS report?
  17. Mention what method you can use to reduce the overhead of Reporting Services data sources?
  18. Explain what is the difference between Tabular and Matrix report?
  19. Explain how would you store your query in an SSRS report or a Database server?
  20. How to send an SSRS report from SSIS?
  21. What are things to consider before Caching, Snapshots, or Subscriptions?
  22. Can you import Microsoft Excel data to SSRS?
  23. What are the limitations in SSRS on Sql Server Express edition?
  24. What are the export options of SSRS?
  25. What are the different types of data sources in SSRS?
  26. What are the core components of SSRS?
  27. What is Tablix?
  28. RDL files are written in which programming language?
  29. What is the name of the Reporting Services Configuration file and where it exists?
  30. What is an Ad Hoc Report?
  31. Explain SSRS reports Cache results?
  32. What data type should be used when creating Radio Button Parameter Type in SSRS Report?
  33. How would you generate a Sequence Number for all the Records in SSRS Report?
  34. Will you store your query in an SSRS Report or a database server? Explain why?
  35. What are the command prompt utilities for SSRS? List out some and explain.
  36. Explaining is the Multi-value parameter for SSRS Report?
  37. What is mixed mode database security?
  38. Explain the minimum software requirements for the SSRS framework?
  39. Name the multiple roles offered by the SSRS.
  40. Name different parts of RDL file and explain them in brief.