SSIS General Interview Questions
  1. Why use SSIS when there is DTS?
  2. What is ‘data transformation’?
  3. What is a ‘task’?
  4. What are the important components of SSIS package?
  5. Explain solution Explorer in SSIS.
  6. What is the control flow?
  7. What is a data flow?
  8. Define what is "task" in SSIS?
  9. What is an SSIS package?
  10. Name different types of connection or files that support SSIS.
  11. What is a container? How many types of containers are there in SSIS?
  12. What are the different types of containers used in SSIS?
  13. What is Precedence Constraint in SSIS?
  14. What variables in SSIS and what are the types of variables in SSIS?
  15. Explain what is a checkpoint in SSIS?
  16. Explain connection managers in SSIS.
  17. What is SSIS breakpoint?
  18. Explain event logging in SSIS.
  19. What is logging mode property?
  20. Explain the term data flow buffer?
  21. For what data checkpoint data is not saved?
  22. What is conditional split transactions in SSIS?
  23. Name different types of Data viewers in SSIS.
  24. Explain the possible locations to save the SSIS package.
  25. What will be your first approach if the package that runs fine in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) but fails when running from an SQL agent job?
  26. What is the role of the Event Handlers tab in SSIS?
  27. How you can notify the staff members about package failure?
  28. How would you do logging in SSIS?
  29. How would you deploy an SSIS package on production?
  30. How to handle Early Arriving Facts or Late Arriving Dimension?
  31. Explain the method to perform incremental load?
  32. Name three data flow components in SSIS.
  33. Why check Points used in SSIS?
  34. Explain event logging mode property.
  35. Explain different options for dynamic configuration is SSIS.
  36. Explain Data conversion Transformation.
  37. Explain few features of SSIS.
  38. Explain two disadvantages of SSIS.
  39. What is the use of Execute SQL task in SSIS?
  40. What is an SSIS Catalog?
  41. How would you stop a package that is running forever?
  42. Explain project and package control flow in SSIS.
  43. Explain use of XML Task.
  44. What is the use of a sequence container?
  45. What are important best practices for using SSIS?
  46. What is the use of control flow tab in SSIS?
  47. How to create the deployment utility?
  48. What is the Manifest file in SSIS?
  49. What is File system deployment?
  50. Difference between Merge and Union All?
  51. What is the OLE DB Command Transform?
  52. Difference between Execute TSQL Task and Execute SQL Task
  53. A package runs without a hitch in BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio), but doesn’t run with SQL Agent. What is the most likely reason for this?
  54. What are the types of Lookup Cache Modes present in SSIS?
  55. How does an error occur in SSIS, and what are the most critical errors in SSIS?