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The Ultimate Guide To a SQL developer salary


August 26, 2022

What does SQL stand for?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used for querying bulk data from a relational database. Some popular database engines are Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and Oracle.Is hiring a SQL developer a daunting task for you? Recruiters headhunting top talents in the business should have a basic understanding of SQL and all the related specific requirements. Clarity on requirements helps immensely during the screening process. Here’s an overview of the average SQL salary that would help you during your hiring process.

What Is the Average SQL Developer Salary in 2021?

The leading countries offering the most appealing average software engineer salary tend to stay the same over the years. These are the USA, Switzerland, Israel and a bunch of European countries.

SQL Developer Salary In United States

The average annual salary of an SQL developer is $79,000 in the US. SQL developers in the US earn an average salary of up to $79,406 a year and up to $38.18 per hour. The entry-level SQL developer salary is approx $65,000 per year while the top 10% earns approx $96,000 per year.

SQL developer salary

Few Facts for SQL developer salaries in the US -

  • Highest Paying States in the US - Washington, California and New York.
  • The Lowest Paying States in the US-North - Dakota, Idaho, and West Virginia.
SQL developer salary

SQL Developer Salaries in UK

SQL developer salary in the UK3 months to 26 May 2021Same period 2020Same period 2019
Rank change year-on-year-55-44-36
Permanent jobs requiring a SQL Developer5054111,130
% of permanent UK jobs advertised0.99%1.19%1.57%
% of the Job Titles category1.08%1.25%1.64%
Number of salaries quoted4633871,041
10th Percentile£32,500£33,750£31,500
25th Percentile£37,500£42,000£37,500
Median annual salary (50th Percentile)£50,000£50,000£47,500
Median % change year-on-year-0.0526-
75th Percentile£57,500£65,000£62,500
90th Percentile£65,800£75,875£73,750
UK excluding London median annual salary£45,000£47,500£43,000
% change year-on-year-5.26%0.10470.0118

SQL Developers Earning In Different Industry

SQL Developer salaries vary as per the industries they work in. Industries that  offer the highest salaries for SQL developers are:  Health care, Finance, and Insurance companies. SQL developers can earn up to $88,283 per year in health care companies.

SQL developer salary

SQL Developers Salaries Based On Experience

As per PayScale, here are some stats to consider for SQL developer average salaries as per their year of experience -

Entry-level SQL developer average salary - $63,000 per year

Mid-career SQL developers average salary  - $82,000 a year

Senior SQL developers (10 to 20 years of experience) average salary  - $89,000

SQL developer salary by experience

What is an SQL Developer Degree And Education?

Explore SQL developer educational qualifications as per

Computer Science33.3%
Electrical Engineering11.0%
Information Technology10.1%
Computer Engineering7.5%
Computer Applications5.2%
Computer Information Systems4.9%
Information Systems2.3%
Electrical Engineering Technology1.8%
Management Information Systems1.8%

Top SQL Developer Skills
SQL Developers need to have strong problem-solving plus troubleshooting skills. They also require technical skills for the development and maintenance of databases. As per Zippia, approx 15.5% of SQL developers have ‘procedures’ as their important skill set.
Check out the below image for more skills required in SQL development.

SQL developer salary

Top 30 SQL Developer IT Skills 2021

Explore the popular IT skills for SQL Developer job roles last updated on 26 May 2021.

Sl noPopulationIT Skill
1880 (95.86%)SQL
2512 (55.77%)SQL Server
3459 (50.00%)C#
4424 (46.19%).NET
5338 (36.82%)JavaScript
6337 (36.71%)T-SQL
7267 (29.08%)Azure
8239 (26.03%)Finance
9233 (25.38%)MVC
10229 (24.95%)Business Intelligence
11222 (24.18%)Agile Software Development
12221 (24.07%)Microsoft
13216 (23.53%)SQL Server Integration Services
14209 (22.77%)CSS
15198 (21.57%)SQL Server Reporting Services
16194 (21.13%).NET Core
17186 (20.26%)HTML
18163 (17.76%)ASP.NET
19158 (17.21%)ETL
20154 (16.78%)Power Platform
21150 (16.34%)Power BI
22147 (16.01%)DevOps
23136 (14.81%)Microservices
24133 (14.49%)Degree
25130 (14.16%)React
26124 (13.51%)Social Skills
27119 (12.96%)AngularJS
28112 (12.20%)jQuery
29107 (11.66%)Data Warehouse
30100 (10.89%)Web Services


SQL developers average salary starts at $84,000 and with the potential to earn up to $106,000 annually. Additionally, SQL developer average hourly wages are approx $38.18. It is predicted that between 2018-2028, there will be a career rise of 21% that could produce approximately 284,100 job opportunities for SQL Developers across the U.S.

As you explored above, now you understand that there are a lot of factors that determine the average budget for hiring a SQL developer. If you want to hire the best talents, then you must get familiar with all these cofactors and their influence on the average salaries for SQL Developers. With the above data, now you can feel that you are prepared enough to offer competitive remuneration and get the precise eye to screen SQL developers.

Happy hiring to all headhunters!


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