1. What is Spring Boot CLI? What are its benefits?
  2. What is the difference between an embedded container and a WAR?
  3. Mention the advantages of Spring Boot
  4. Mention the possible sources of external configuration
  5. What are the Spring Boot starters and what are the available starters?
  6. Can we change the port of the embedded Tomcat server in Spring boot?
  7. Mention the steps to create a Spring Boot project using Spring Initializr
  8. Can you give an example for ReadOnly as true in Transaction management?
  9. Can you explain how to deploy to a different server with Spring Boot?
  10. Mention the advantages of the YAML file than Properties file and the different ways to load YAML file in Spring boot.
  11. How is Hibernate chosen as the default implementation for JPA without any configuration?
  12. Explain how to register a custom auto-configuration.
  13. What are the steps to add a custom JS code with Spring Boot?
  14. Why is Spring Data REST not recommended in real-world applications?
  15. What do you understand by Spring Boot supports relaxed binding?
  16. Where is the database connection information specified and how does it automatically connect to H2?
  17. What is @RequestMapping annotation in Spring Boot?
  18. What is the difference between Spring and Spring Boot?
  19. How to Write Integration Tests?
  20. How to enable hot deployment and live reload on browser?
  21. What is a shutdown in the actuator?
  22. Is it possible to change the port of Embedded Tomcat server in Spring boot?
  23. Can we disable the default web server in the Spring Boot application?
  24. What are the various Advantages Of Using Spring Boot?
  25. What do Dev Tools in Spring boot mean?
  26. What does Spring Boot Starter Pom mean? Why Is It Useful?
  27. Why do we use “Opinionated” in spring boot?
  28. What are esteem properties of Spring Boot?
  29. How Might You Implement Spring Security In Spring Boot Application?
  30. Differentiate Between An Embedded Container And A War?
  31. Explain the difference between JPA and Hibernate?
  32. What does Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) mean?
  33. What is the difference between RequestMapping and GetMapping in Spring Boot?
  34. What is JavaConfig?
  35. How to implement JWT authentication for Spring Boot Application?
  36. How to disable Actuator endpoint security in Spring Boot?
  37. Have you integrated Spring Boot and ActiveMQ?
  38. How to implement Pagination and Sorting with Spring Boot?
  39. What is Swagger? Have you implemented it using Spring Boot?
  40. What is Spring Batch? How do you implement it using Spring Boot?
  41. What is FreeMarker Template? How do you implement it using Spring Boot?
  42. What is caching? Have you used any caching framework with Spring Boot?
  43. What is CSRF attack? How to enable CSRF protection against it?
  44. When will you use WebSockets? How tto implement it using Spring Boot?
  45. What is AOP? How to use it with Spring Boot?
  46. How can we monitor all the Spring Boot Microservices?
  47. Explain thymeleaf in Spring Boot.
  48. Can you disable the default web server in the Spring Boot application?
  49. What is Swagger2?
  50. What are the major benefits of spring Externalized Configuration?
  51. Define ELK stack.
  52. Explain CORS in Spring Boot?
  53. Explain different types of dependency injection.
  54. What are the advantages of micro services?
  55. What is join point in Spring Boot?
  56. List out benefits of using the JavaConfig method.
  57. What are disadvantages of Spring boot?