SAP MM General Interview Questions
  1. What is meant by scales?
  2. What are the Main Master Files used in Mm?
  3. What do you mean by goods receipt and post goods receipt?
  4. Can you Release the Po Item by Item When you have a Multiline-item Po?
  5. Is it possible that you can use scales in Quotation?
  6. How to Release Purchase Order? Which Transaction Code is used to display as well as reset the Release of Po?
  7. Define ERS.
  8. Why is record of the information of purchase useful?
  9. Define purchase requisition.
  10. What Is Stochastic Block?
  11. How can Batch Records be changed?
  12. What is Internal Procurement?
  13. Give the Names of the Tables where the Material Master Data is Stored.
  14. What are the components of the Master Data that details a companys Procurement used by, Vendor Evaluation for example?
  15. What is the code used for extension of the view of material?
  16. A Purchase requisition is an internal document or external document?
  17. What are the different accounts used in Invoicing?
  18. How many Company Codes can be assigned to a Company?
  19. Explain reservation.
  20. Can a Company Code be assigned to many Plants?
  21. What is a Material Master File?
  22. What is External Procurement?
  23. List out the essential components of material management.
  24. What is a request for quotation (RFQ) document?
  25. What do you mean by the Lot Size?
  26. Give the Names of the Tables where the Header Level and Item Data are Stored in a Purchase Order.
  27. What is the Menu Path to define Material Type Attributes?
  28. What Is Release Strategy? How many Release Points can be involved in a Release Process?
  29. What are the Plant-specific Data in Material?
  30. What Is Goods Issue Reversal?
  31. List the Movement Types for Unplanned Goods received.
  32. How do you flag a material for deletion?
  33. What Is the Transaction Code to Set Price Control for Receipts (goods/invoice)?
  34. What is the use of ‘Split Valuation’?
  35. How are parked documents showed?
  36. What is movement in receipt out (MIRO)?
  37. Can a Company Code be assigned to many Plants?
  38. What do you mean by Release Group?
  39. What is returnable transport packaging (RTP)?
  40. How is quota rating checked?
  41. How can you create a Purchasing Information Record?
  42. What is a Cost Center?
  43. What Transaction Code is used to extend the Material View?
  44. What is a planned order in material management?
  45. What Is the Purpose of Material Valuation?
  46. What is a Material Ledger?
  47. What is the Role of the Confirmation Control Key?
  48. What is Batch Information Cockpit?
  49. How is the list of all Reservations in the Systems Displayed?
  50. Define Storage Location in SAP.
  51. What do you mean by Release Group?
  52. What is meant by master data?
  53. How Material Valuation is associated with Financial Accounting?
  54. What is a transaction code in material management?
  55. What is the code used for reservation?
  56. What is a Scheduling agreement?
  57. What are Purchasing Information Records?
  58. Where is Material Master Data saved?
  59. What is the use of BOM usage type 1 in SAP system?
  60. What is EAN?
  61. What is the Source of Error "not Allowed" in case of Custom Movement Type Creation?
  62. How do you access the Materials Management Configuration Menu?
  63. What is Master Data nn MM Module?
  64. Can you add Custom Fields to Purchase Order(s) and Request for Quotation(s)?
  65. What are the features of material management?
  66. What is a Profit Center?
  67. Mention, for the stock transport order, some movement types.
  68. How do you define a Release Procedure for Prs and Pos?
  69. How is scrap material taken care of in sub-contracting?
  70. What are quotations in SAP material management?
  71. Can Forecast Model be selected automatically?
  72. What are the Benefits of document Parking?
  73. What is Intra plant stock transfer type in SAP MM?
  74. What is the Lot Size Attribute of a Material?
  75. What is the Transaction Code to convert Planned Order into Purchase Requisition (pr)?
  76. What do you understand by GR Blocked stock?
  77. What is the type for the reversal of the issue of the goods?
  78. Mention t-code to create Purchase Requisition in MM.
  79. How is the value of the Cross-company-code Stock Displayed?
  80. What is the Transaction Code to display Material of Sap MM?
  81. What Is a Standard Service Catalog (ssc)?
  82. What is Special Procurement?
  83. Can we change the Industry Sector of an existing Material?
  84. Where do We define Payment Terms in PO?
  85. What are the benefits or uses of material management?
  86. What is Price Comparison?
  87. What Is the Release Procedure?
  88. What do you mean by Material Numbers In SAP?
  89. Tcode for Stock overview?
  90. What is the Creation Indicator?
  91. How is a receipt posted?
  92. What is a request for information (RFI)?
  93. What Is Release Code?
  94. How many Company Codes can be assigned to a Plant?
  95. What are the different types of ERPs?
  96. Can you include An Roh (raw Material) Type In the Sales View?
  97. What is Material Status?
  98. What is NetWeaver?
  99. What is consumption-based planning (CBP)?
  100. What is SAP MM and what do you know about it?
  101. What are the different type of Basic Procurement?
  102. Name the T Code for Invoice Verification.
  103. How many Charts of Accounts can be assigned In a Company?
  104. What is the movement type for Goods issue reversal?
  105. What is invoice processing?
  106. Why would an Organization need to allow Negative Stocks?
  107. Define Valuation Class.
  108. Can we change the Material Type of a Material?
  109. How do you configure the Release Procedure?
  110. What is master data management?
  111. What is material requirement planning (MRP)?
  112. How to create a Batch?
  113. What is the Menu Path to create a document/e-mail Notification for your Supplier?
  114. What do you mean by Forecast-based Planning?
  115. What is planned delivery and GR processing time?
  116. What is Vendor Sub-range?
  117. What is the Transaction Code to create Movement Types?
  118. Can you generate packing/picking lists for goods issue in SAP MM?
  119. How to make a Dummy Reservation?
  120. Why does the Invoices get blocked?
  121. Mention the last stage in the cycle of procurement?
  122. How can you disable a reservation In MRP?
  123. What do you mean source list and what is the code of the source list?
  124. What Transaction Codes are used With Reservations?
  125. How can the Logical Value for the Stock Items be found?
  126. What Is Valuation area?
  127. Mention the code to access the Material Requirement Planning list.
  128. What is free item in SAP system?
  129. How do you create a Vendor?
  130. What is the Transaction Code to access the Materials Management Configuration Menu?
  131. What are contracts in material management?
  132. Define stock population.
  133. How is GR/IR account related to Inventory? ­
  134. What is a special stock in material management?
  135. What is a One-time Vendor?
  136. What Is Lifo Valuation?
  137. How to Determine Stock Value?
  138. What is the code for deleting a particular batch?
  139. What is production order and purchase order?
  140. How can a Stock Transfer be monitored in Purchasing?
  141. How are User Defaults Set for Views?
  142. What is a Price Comparison?
  143. What is movement in goods out (MIGO)?
  144. What is inventory management?
  145. What do you mean by Physical Inventory?
  146. How do you check Stock Requirement List in SAP system?
  147. What is MRP run in SAP system?
  148. What Is Movement Type?
  149. What is a request for proposal (RFP)?
  150. What is essential for creating a record of purchase information?
  151. Define consignment stock.
  152. Can we receive the goods before the scheduled delivery date in scheduling agreement?
  153. What is Quota Arrangement in SAP system?
  154. What is a Batch?
  155. What is movement type and mention a few standard movement types?
  156. What is the Transaction Code to create a Material Type?
  157. How to delete a Batch?
  158. What is Master production schedule (MSP)?
  159. What is the process order?
  160. How can a Stock Transfer be monitored in Purchasing?
  161. How is a Class created?
  162. How do you check Quota Rating?
  163. What are the different Stock transfer types in SAP system?
  164. What is the difference between MRP and CBP?