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The Ultimate Guide To Salary of React Native Developers


March 10, 2022

React Native is among the world's most common JavaScript-powered, cross-platform frameworks. It is a good contender even against Flutter.

As per a SimilarTech study, more than one million websites worldwide use React Native. The increasing popularity of React Native implies increased demand for software developers acquainted with the technology and experienced in JavaScript coding. In this article, we will discuss the salary trends for React Native Developers.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript platform for creating real-time, natively rendered smartphone apps for iOS and Android. It is built on React, Social networking JavaScript libraries for creating user interfaces, except instead of being aimed at browsers, it is aimed at smartphone devices. In other terms, web developers nowadays can create smartphone apps that look absolutely genuinely “native,” all by using the familiar and beloved JavaScript library. Furthermore, since much of the programming you produce can be spread across devices, React Native allows it to be simple to build for Android as well as iOS at the same time.

React Native programs, like React for Web, are developed in JSX, a combination of JavaScript and XML-like markup. React Native already supports iOS as well as Android, with the ability to extend to other devices in the future.

Why is React Native in demand?

Every company requires rapid app development. Therefore, hiring a React Native developer for the applications is not a poor decision. React Native's user interface is structural. This entire design assists React Native developers mostly with native elements.

React Native developers may use these components by assembling them with javascript. It is for this factor that React Native is still a common framework. Recruiting a React Native developer is indeed the first choice for most businesses because React Native has:

  • Excellent user interface navigation
  • Improved UX by UI assembly
  • Quicker and more efficient applications
  • Apps that are quickly launched and updated
  • No need for multiple native developers
  • Faster product development lifecycle

Among the most recent developer studies, React Native is currently the most frequently utilised cross-platform framework, with nearly half of programmers saying that they recognise the language and use it often.

It's also worth noting that JavaScript, the computer language that powers React Native, is one of the simplest to learn and most widely used programming languages globally.

Skills required in React Native developers

For React Native developers, soft skills are possibly more critical than technical experience. You need soft skills like:

  • Curiosity and awareness
  • Problem-solving and a fresh perspective
  • Responsibilities and decision making

A React Native developer should be proficient in HTML, CSS, including JavaScript, and familiar with JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and Backbone.js.

The professionals must be comfortable working with front-end CSS systems such as Bootstrap as well as Foundation.

Junior React Native developers

The distinctions between different levels of engineers are sometimes hazy. An easy way to categorise can be based on the level of expertise. A junior-level React Native developer should have the following abilities:

  • JavaScript coding (ES6 or later)
  • Understanding the fundamentals of React Native
  • Utilisation of a state management tool
  • The ability to move about inside a React Native app
  • App testing and debugging

Middle React Native developers

Middle-level developers have over two years of React Native expertise and a portfolio of successful projects. A software engineer aiming for a middle-level React Native developer salary should have the following skills:

  • App performance optimisation and code splitting
  • Utilising mobile hardware
  • Operating databases, data caching processes, and libraries
  • Integration of third-party services through their APIs
  • Taking over software distribution on the App Store and Google Play Market

React Native senior developers

A senior-level software engineer is well-versed in programming languages and frameworks, as well as soft skills and strategic thinking. An expert at this level is often required to make autonomous decisions, control the whole growth process, and mentor.

A Senior React Native software developer should have the following skills:

  • Creating React Native applications from iOS and Android applications
  • Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)
  • General workflow management, as well as leadership and mentoring across development divisions
  • Integration of a native library and components
  • An approach based on research, with a constant search for novel solutions
  • Public speaking and strong communication abilities are required

React Native developers' salary patterns

What is the acceptable salary for proficient React Native developers? The salary differs greatly based on expertise and the type of industry. As more websites are being built in React Native, the market for talent skilled in this bridge environment is heating up. The salary rate of React Native developers has been increasing by a margin of around 5% each year over the last couple of years.

The typical salary range of React Native developers depends on a number of factors. It depends on the demand in the region in which the company is based, and also the level of experience of professionals.Entry-level JavaScript web developers earn less than senior React Native programmers. The senior-level programmer’s salary commensurates with their know-how of other critical issues, like how to create a smartphone app with appropriate protection and consumer privacy protections, cross-platform interfaces, third-party modules including testing, and so on.

Here is an overview of React Native Developers’ salary range:

  • The minimum salary of a React Developer is USD 31,500 per year.
  • The maximum salary of a React Developer is approximately USD 169,000 per year.
  • The average salary of a React Developer is approximately USD 117,227 per year.

The hourly salary for a React Native developer can differ by more than two thirds. The hourly pay ranges from USD 81 to USD 100, with an average of USD 61 to USD 80.

Salary ranges for React Native developers differ significantly by region. Here are the country based salary trends of the React Native Developer position:

  • United States – USD 71,000 to USD 1,17,000 per annum
  • Australia – USD 72,816 per annum
  • Spain – USD 51,231 per annum
  • Canada – USD 120,000 per annum
  • United Kingdom – USD 50,000 to USD 80,000 per annum
  • Ukraine – USD 25,000 to USD 30,000 per annum
  • Germany – USD 60,000 to USD 90,000 per annum

The United States is one of the countries that pay the highest salary to developers, but it is by far the only country where programming skills may make the most money.

A JavaScript developer in Switzerland may earn about USD 118K per year. Denmark and Norway come in second and third, with roughly USD 110K and USD 100K, respectively, while the average JavaScript developer income in Germany and the Netherlands is between USD 92K and USD 91K. Salaries for JavaScript developers vary from USD 68K to USD 85K in Israel, Sweden, and Finland.


Salary in 2019 - USD 91,380

Salary in 2020 - USD 90,999

Salary in 2021 - USD 118,261


Salary in 2019 - USD 72,500

Salary in 2020 - USD 62,969

Salary in 2021 - USD 100,888 


Salary in 2019 - USD 65,454

Salary in 2020 - USD 66,948

Salary in 2021 - USD 79,459 


Salary in 2019 - USD 58,791

Salary in 2020 - USD 58,164

Salary in 2021 - USD 68,554 


Salary in 2019 - USD 53,891

Salary in 2020 - USD 63,749

Salary in 2021 - USD 110,681 


Salary in 2019 - USD 52,754

Salary in 2020 - USD 43,574

Salary in 2021 - USD 71,514 


Salary in 2019 - USD 52,314

Salary in 2020 - USD 52,904

Salary in 2021 - USD 92,225 


Salary in 2019 - USD 48,251

Salary in 2020 - USD 51,485

Salary in 2021 - USD 91,879 


Salary in 2019 - USD 42,913

Salary in 2020 - USD 45,728

Salary in 2021 - USD 85,913 

Salary of React developers around the world

After extensive study and interpretation of data obtained from websites like Glassdoor and Zip Recruiter, the estimates for developer salaries are always high in various countries around the world. The analysis of multiple salary reports each year with the aid of web sources reveals that React Native developers consistently win in terms of obtaining the greatest average salaries based on different experience levels.

The experience levels span from junior to senior, and they are in charge of determining the competence of the specialists and the quantity of work that must be assigned according to the hierarchy. You may also compare other countries throughout the world, where the United States is at the top for the distribution of the highest developer salaries, while India is at the bottom.

The United States accepts and gives a large quantity of business to customers, which allows them to provide a large number of earnings and salaries to react native developers.


Nations such as India are regarded as the most economical for the delivery of such services, although they pay developers a fairly little income depending on their economic level and the kind of services required by their customers.


When we compare the wages in Europe with those in the United States of America, it is seen that the incomes in the United States of America are comparably higher than those in Europe. By closely observing the early rates for the United States, the cities within the United States such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles disperse a high amount of salary in contrast to European locations such as Paris and London.

There are many reasons for variations in the pay scale among countries. Individuals in locations like Ukraine, for example, are highly experienced and competent, as are people in countries like the Netherlands and the United States. Another aspect is the cost of living, particularly in regions such as Eastern Europe, where it is much cheaper than in other countries.


According to economic estimates, Ukraine is recognised as the most lucrative destination in Europe, particularly when it comes to recruiting highly competent react native developers. If you have a restricted budget or are unsure how to hire the appropriate personnel at the appropriate time for the upkeep of local markets, you may pay attention to the process of outsourcing developers in Ukraine. This method can greatly assist you in attracting qualified individuals at a reasonable cost.


React Native has rapidly gained traction among developers and it has established itself as a top option for businesses worldwide. With the increasing demand for native applications, the market for this resource can only grow. Salary is the most powerful magnet that will assist you in getting attracted to lucrative opportunities – ensure you are acquainted with industry averages and are prepared to compete.


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