Power BI General Questions
  1. What are the essential applications of the Power BI?
  2. What are the different types of filters in Power BI Reports?
  3. Name out three important Power BI tools?
  4. What is the general business need for Power BI?
  5. What are the important components of the Power BI toolkit, and what do they do?
  6. What is Power BI Desktop?
  7. What are the drawbacks of using Power BI?
  8. What is content packs?
  9. Why use selection pane in Power BI?
  10. What is Power BI?
  11. What are the different views in Power BI Desktop?
  12. Why use Power BI?
  13. What is self-service business intelligence?
  14. What data sources can Power BI connect to?
  15. Where is data stored in Power BI?
  16. What is Power BI embedded?
  17. What are the important features of Power BI dashboard?
  18. What is Bookmark?
  19. What is BI?
  20. What are the parts of Microsoft self-service business intelligence solution?
  21. What is the purpose of the ‘Get Data’ icon in Power BI?
  22. What data sources can Power BI connect to?
  23. What are Building Blocks in Power BI?
Power BI DAX Interview Questions
  1. What does DATEDIFF function do?
  2. What are the data types of Dax?
  3. What is the DATEPART function?
  4. State the difference between Count and CounD function.
  5. What is the use of statewith function?
  6. What is the use of INDEX Function in Power BI?
  7. What is DAX function?
  8. Explain DATEDD function in Power BI.
  9. What is the main difference between LTRIM and RTRIM?
  10. What is the common table function for grouping data?
  11. Write a DAX for dynamic security?
  12. What is the calulated column?
  13. What is DAX?
  14. State the major differences between MAX and MAXA functions
  15. What is special or unique about the CALCULATE and CALCULATETABLE functions?
  16. Difference between Sum & Sumx?
  17. What is CORR function? When we use it?
  18. What are the different Excel BI add-in?
  19. How is the FILTER function used?
  20. What does STARTSWITH function do?
  21. How can you apply percentile function in Power BI?
  22. How can you differ COVAR and COVARP?
  23. How to achieve Dynamic Top N Customers?
  24. State the main difference between District() and Values() in DAX?
  25. In DAX we can do year to date and parallel period and such, which is great for financial reporting. What are some prerequisites for doing time intelligence?
  26. What is the difference between VAR and VARP?
  27. What is the SIGN function?
  28. What is IFNULL function?
  29. What are the most common DAX Functions used?
  30. What is RUNNING_AVG function do?
  31. What does DATENAME function do?
  32. What is the difference between Calculated Columns, Calculated Tables, and Measures?
  33. Suppose there are two tables and I have to put them one below the other. Can we do in Power bi? If yes, then what is the query used?
  34. What is the use of ENDSWITH function?
  35. How would you create trailing X month metrics via DAX against a non-standard calendar?
  36. Describe the Gather function of the Power BI process?
  37. What is the use of MID function?
  38. What are some benefits of using Variables in DAX ?
  39. In DAX we can do year to date and parallel period and such, which is great for financial reporting. What are some prerequisites for doing time intelligence?
  40. How to Calculate MTD, WTD, and YTD in Power BI?
  41. Explain the collect function
  42. List out benefits of using Variables in DAX.
  43. What is the difference between Values() and Distinct() in DAX?
Power BI Additional Questions
  1. Why is Top N not accessible by or for report level filter and page-level filter?
  2. What are the three Edit Interactions options of a visual tile in Power BI Desktop?
  3. What are some of the differences in report authoring capabilities between using a live or direct query connection such as to an Analysis Services model, relative to working with a data model local to the Power BI Desktop file?
  4. What are many-to-many relationships and how can they be addressed in Power BI ?
  5. How to apply information security in Power BI report?
  6. Explain about Joins?
  7. How do you bring data from SQL Server to Power BI?
  8. What is a substance pack, and for what reason would you utilize one?
  9. Why should General Formatting be applied to data in Power BI?
  10. What are the steps to go to Data Stories Gallery in Power Bi communities?
  11. If you click on a single data-point in one of the multiple visuals in a report, does it make any difference?
  12. How can you compare Target and Actual Value from a Power BI report?
  13. Is on-premise access possible in Power BI?
  14. What is the Power BI Publisher for Excel?
  15. Which field composes can be added to the Field well of a Slicer visual?
  16. What context style is allowed by Power BI DAX?
  17. How can u download excel files which has millions of records from a Power BI report?
  18. Why might you have a table in the model without any relationships to other tables?
  19. What is the Embed Code?
  20. How do u hide and unhide a specific report in Power BI?
  21. How is data security implemented in Power BI ?
  22. Name the datasets that can be used with streaming data tiles to create dashboards.
  23. What is query collapsing?
  24. How can we create a dashboard?
  25. What kind of data can you store in Power BI?
  26. What are Tiles in Power BI?
  27. How to handle Many to Many relationships in Power BI?
  28. What are the method to hide and unhide a specific report in Power BI?
  29. What are the different connectivity modes in Power BI?
  30. How to represent different levels of hierarchy of data in one singe visualization?
  31. Name some commonly used tasks in the Query Editor?
  32. How to perform joins in Power bi?
  33. Give examples of data sources which will refresh in real-time.
  34. Does the gateway have to be installed on the same machine as its data source?
  35. What is the difference between Power BI and Power BI Pro?
  36. Explain the term Custom Visuals.
  37. Define the term 'M language."
  38. What are the different types of refreshing data for our published reports?
  39. What is Advanced Editor in Power BI?
  40. How can you perform Dynamic filtering in Power BI?
  41. What happens by clicking on a single information point in one of the various visual in a report?
  42. What is Power BI Designer?
  43. What information is required to create a map in Power Map?
  44. Can you join two unique information source in the same Power BI dashboard?
  45. What are the different types of refresh in Power BI?
  46. What is Bidirectional Cross-filtering in Power BI?
  47. How can you analyze Power BI reports data in excel?
  48. How to toggle between two options and make it interact with rest of the visualizations in report?
  49. What is Power BI Q&A?
  50. Explain the process of dynamic filtering?
  51. What is the latency for running queries from the gateway to a data source? What is the best architecture?
  52. Name two types of connectivity modes in Power BI?
  53. Explain the term responsive slicers.
  54. Is the Power BI tool available for free?
  55. What is grouping? How can you use it?
  56. What is data management gateway and Power BI personal gateway?
  57. What is the only prerequisite for connecting to a database in Azure SQL Database?
  58. Organization is owning Power BI workspace, has 10 members and wish to give access for few members Dashboard, for few reports, for few Datasets. Can we achieve this?
  59. Explain the term incremental refresh?
  60. What is Power Pivot Data Model?
  61. What are the differences between a Power BI Dataset, a Report, and a Dashboard?
  62. Why is TOP N not accessible for the Page and Report Level Filter?
  63. Is Power BI available on-premises?
  64. Name 4 types of roles-based usage of Power BI?
  65. What do you use as a consolidate inquiry in Power BI?
  66. What is on-premise gateway?
  67. What is natural language search choice?
  68. Difference between Filter & Raw Filter?
  69. What are some ways that Excel experience can be leveraged with Power BI?
  70. How can you identify which user has logged in to Power BI server or viewing the report from Power BI?
  71. Explain the term data alerts.
  72. How do we disable the Default interactivity in Desktop?
  73. What is Power View?
  74. What is the option to unpivot data in the question proofreader?
  75. Explain the difference between Power BI and Tableau?
  76. What is a calculated column in Power BI and why would you use them?
  77. What is Edit Interactions in Power Bi?
  78. Explain data source filter.
  79. Can you create multiple dynamic connections between two tables?
  80. What area do you go to change and reshape data in Power BI?
  81. Can we refresh our Power BI reports once uploaded to cloud (Share point or Powebi.com)?
  82. State the main difference between Filter and Slicer.
  83. What is the major difference between the old version and a new version of Power BI tool?
  84. Where incremental licensing refresh feature is accessible?
  85. Explain z-order in Power BI?
  86. Explain x-velocity in memory.
  87. What are Data alarms
  88. What are some of the unique data invigorations used for generating the distributed reports within Power BI?
  89. State the differences between Power BI and SSRS.
  90. Is it possible to have created multiple active relationships in Power BI?
  91. How does SSRS integrate with Power BI?
Power BI Quiz Questions
  1. You've imported a spreadsheet, but Power BI Desktop hasn't realised that the first row should be used as column titles. What tool should you click on?
  2. Data can be refreshed in Power BI service by using
  3. As part of a large HR project you are working with a dataset of company employees, both past and present. The data includes columns for EthnicGroup, PayTypeID, HireDate (the date they started work), TermDate (the date they left) and several other columns. You want to create a new Calculated Column that determines if the person was a bad hire based on a set of rules. If they were a bad hire then the result is 1, otherwise the Calculated Column displays a zero. The bad hire rule is: BadHire = If the person stayed at the company less than 61 days Example: If a person joined the company on 27th June 2013 and left on 21st August 2013, then they would be a bad hire. Which DAX expression would you use for this Calculated Column?
  4. You want to create a DAX formula that automatically calculates the previous month number. So if the month was June then the formula would return 5. You have already created the DAX formula below: Today Month = MONTH (Sales[Todays Date]) Which of the DAX formulas below would be the right choice next?
  5. Which is a single page, often called a canvas, that uses visualizations to tell a story?
  6. Read the following paragraph carefully and decide whether the entire paragraph is TRUE or FALSE? You need a Power BI Pro license to share your dashboard but those you share it with do not need a license. When you share a dashboard, they can view it and interact with it, but can't edit it. They see the same data that you see in the dashboard and reports unless row-level security (RLS) is applied to the underlying dataset. The colleagues you share it with can share the dashboard with their colleagues, if you allow them to.
  7. Which of the accompanying field composes can be added to the Field well of a Slicer visual?
  8. You have created a table with a column 'population' with numbers 53222122, 5322122, 33333. You want to display the 'population' column with comma signs. How should you do this?
  9. Data has been scraped from a table on a popular retirement website. However, the Health care quality column's scores were not automatically transformed from text to numbers when Query Editor loaded the table. You thus right-clicked the column header, and selected Change Type > Whole Number to change them. Unfortunately, the, Health care quality column contains a few ties in states' rankings, which was noted on the website by the word (tie) after their numbers. Query Editor thus reports a few errors. What is the consequence of using the Remove Errors option (ribbon or the right-click menu option) to resolve this?
  10. Which type of visualisation would you choose if you wanted to show relationships between 3 numerical values and turn the horizontal axis into a logarithmic scale? The worksheet data would include grouped sets of values and you wanted to show patterns in large sets of data, for example by showing linear or non-linear trends, clusters, and outliers?
  11. You are viewing a Power BI dashboard in a browser window. What happens when you click the Infocus mode of a tile?
  12. How would you include different terms into Q&A?
  13. You want to extract from a balances table the balance for the last period for which a figure has been entered, and your friend suggests you use one of these functions: (which one is correct?)
  14. Some of the most powerful data analysis solutions in Power BI Desktop can be created by using measures. Measures help us by performing calculations on our data as we interact with our reports. Understanding aggregations is fundamental to understanding measures, because every measure will perform some type of aggregation. Which of the below is TRUE regarding measures in Power BI?
  15. Which of the accompanying articulations are valid regarding outlining a Power BI Desktop venture in DirectQuery mode?
  16. Which of the accompanying in not a legitimate variable compose when programming in the M dialect?
  17. You are creating a custom column with Column name as "Metres per unit" and Custom column formula as "=[SquareMetres] / [NumberUnits]". Which language is custom formula written in?
  18. When creating a waterfall chart, which two field options that you need to define?
  19. When you share with people outside your organization, they get an email with a link to the shared dashboard. They need a Power BI Pro license, and they have to sign in to Power BI to see the dashboard. After they sign in, they see the shared dashboard in its own browser window without the left navigation pane, not in their usual Power BI portal. They have to bookmark the link to access this dashboard in the future. Which of the following statements is FALSE when sharing visualizations outside of your organisation?
  20. A CurrentSales dataset contains a large number of product codes for items that the company have sold in the last 12 months. Due to the nature of the business and the wide variety of suppliers, the product codes come in a variety of formats, including mixed case characters. You want to write a DAX expression that checks if the product code contains the letters “ex”. Which DAX function below is the right one to use?
  21. Where do you discover the Q&A highlight?
  22. When you enable Snap objects to grid, all visuals on the Power BI Desktop canvas that you move (or resize) are automatically aligned to the nearest grid axis, making it much easier to ensure two or more visuals align to the same horizontal or vertical location or size. You can also manage the overlap of each element on the design surface, often referred to as?
  23. With Power BI Publish to web, you can easily embed interactive Power BI visualizations online, such as in blog posts, websites, through emails or social media, on any device. You have published a visualization but unfortunately changes to the underlying data are not immediately visible to users. What might be wrong?
  24. Which level of filter behaves the same as a slicer in a report in Power BI Desktop?
  25. Department table has unique departments and employee table can have many employees in each department and both entities can be linked in relationship view from department to Employee table using
  26. Which three views are available in Power BI Desktop? 1) Dashboard 2) Report 3) Data 4) Relationships
  27. Which chart is used to compare data side by side?
  28. Which chart will show correlation between 2 variables?
  29. You're importing a list of top films from web using a URL. If you type in a valid URL like this and choose to continue, what will Power BI Desktop let you import?
  30. Which of the following is crosstable chart?
  31. When planning an information display with Power BI Desktop, which of the accompanying proclamations are genuine in regards to the tenets for making table connections?
  32. Having created a new blank model you want to load in data from a SQL Server database which is hosted on the same PC as the Power BI Desktop application. You click the Get Date ribbon option and select SQL Server from the drop down list. What should you enter in the Server textbox?
  33. Report Level filter applies to
  34. Which chart is suitable for comparing two sets of measure values that are usually hard to compare because of the differences in scale?