1. What are the features of PostgreSQL?
  2. What is Multi Version Concurrency Control in PostgreSQL?
  3. What is a child in PostgreSQL?
  4. What are indexes in PostgreSQL?
  5. Provide a brief explanation of the functions in PostgreSQL?
  6. Can you explain pgadmin?
  7. What is Multi-version control?
  8. What is the option in PostgreSQL to check rows that are affected in a previous part of the transaction?
  9. What are the advanced features/functionalities of Postgres DB ?
  10. What is write ahead logging?
  11. How do we perform queries using Multiple Databases?
  12. Is it possible to create a shared storage PostgreSQL server cluster?
  13. Does Postgresql have SPs/ Stored Procedures?
  14. Explain Triggers.
  15. What are the various enhancements to the straight relational data model by PostgreSQL?
  16. Explain about string constants?
  17. How to take backup of database?
  18. Name data types which are used in PostgreSQL.
  19. What is TRUNCATE used for?
  20. What is DELETE statement in PostgreSQL?
  21. What is maximum size of table in postgresql?
  22. How are stats updated in Postgresql?
  23. What is a CTID?
  24. Why do I get the error -error: memory exhausted in allocsetalloc ()?
  25. Does PostgreSQL run on the cloud?
  26. What are the disadvantages of PostgreSQL?
  27. What are the advantages of PostGRESQL?
  28. When should we use PostgreSQL?
  29. When should we avoid using PostgreSQL?
  30. What is a sequence in PostgreSQL?
  31. What are Connector Libraries?