1. What New Features Were Added in Java 8?
  2. Describe Some of the Functional Interfaces in the Standard Library.
  3. What Is a Lambda Expression and What Is It Used for?
  4. What Is Nashorn in Java8?
  5. What Is JJS?
  6. What Is a Stream? How Does It Differ from a Collection?
  7. What Is Stream Pipelining in Java 8?
  8. What is a Functional Interface? What is SAM Interface?
  9. What is Optional in Java 8? What is the use of Optional?Advantages of Java 8 Optional?
  10. What is the difference between Collections and Stream in Java8?
  11. What is the purpose of filter method of stream in java 8?
  12. What does the flatmap() function do? Why do we need it?
  13. What is the difference between intermediate and terminal operations on Stream?
  14. What does the peek() method does? When should you use it?
  15. What is difference between findFirst() and findAny() method?
  16. What is the difference between PermGenSpace and MetaSpace?
  17. What is a default method in Java 8 ? When to use it?
  18. What is the difference and similarities between Function and Predicate in java 8?
  19. What is the difference between Internal iteration and External iteration?
  20. Is it possible to define our own Functional Interface? Explain the rules to define a functional interface.
  21. What is StringJoiner?
  22. Why was a new version of Java needed in the first place?
  23. What is Type Inference?
  24. What is a stream, and how does it differ from a collection?
  25. Explain local datetime API in Java8?
  26. What do you mean by chromounits in java8?
  27. What is type inference in Java8?
  28. What is :: (double colon) operator-Method References in Java 8?
  29. What is Optional in Java 8?
  30. What is the distinct feature of the Block of Code?
  31. How is the Parameter List of Lambda Expression different from the Lambda Arrow Operator?
  32. What are the guidelines that are needed to be followed in Functional Interface?
  33. What is the similarity between Map and Flat map stream operation?
  34. What is the major difference between Map and FlatMap stream operation?
  35. Can we list the numbers and remove the duplicate elements in the list using Java SE 8 features?
  36. What are the defining rules of a functional interface?
  37. What is Diamond Problem in Inheritance? How does Java 8 solve this problem?
  38. What is StringJoiner?
  39. What is the need of static method in Interface?
  40. What is Method Reference in Java 8?
  41. What are different ways to create Optional?
  42. Can we have a default method definition in the interface without specifying the keyword "default"?
  43. If there is a conflict between Base Class Method definition and Interface Default method definition, which definition is picked?
  44. What is the @FunctionalInterface annotation?
  45. What do you mean by Default Methods?
  46. What is statistics collector in Java 8?
  47. How are the functional interface and Lambda expressions related?
  48. What are repeating annotations?
  49. What are type annotations? Name some common type annotations.
  50. How do you use lambda expression with functional interface?
  51. What is block lambda expression?
  52. Why lambda expression is called a poly expression?
  53. Can we have a generic functional interface?
  54. Comparator method is a functional interface but I see a lot of other methods in Comparator method then how is it a Single Abstract method interface?