Ionic General Interview Questions
  1. What is CORS? How would you deal with it?
  2. How would you save data in an Ionic app so that it can be accessed later or on the next launch?
  3. What are different page life-cycle events in Ionic?
  4. Explain the working of an ion-grid component.
  5. What is Lazy Loading?
  6. How many types of storage available in the Ionic framework?
  7. What is the purpose of the ion-infinite-scroll component in Ionic?
  8. How do you install an Ionic Framework?
  9. What is the difference between "ionic build" and "ionic prepare"?
  10. How to update Cordova plugins?
  11. Name some Ionic components with brief descriptions of each.
  12. How to rename an Ionic app?
  13. When would you use an AlertController in Ionic?
  14. What AOT and JIT and which is used by Ionic?
  15. What is the capacitor in Ionic?
  16. What is Ionic CLI ? How do you create a new project using Ionic CLI ?
  17. Explain Ionic lifecycle hooks
  18. Explain async and await.
  19. How does Ionic CLI interpret the default colors that are used in the Ionic project ? Ex: light, danger etc. Also how to add custom color to the existing list ?
  20. Explain Events in Ionic?
  21. Whajt is Web View
  22. What Is The Difference Between Phonegap, Cordova, And Ionic?
  23. How would you get the list of all the available start-up templates for an Ionic app?
  24. The size of your Ionic application's generated APK is huge. What can you do to reduce the size?
  25. How to test Ionic Applications?
Ionic Advanced Interview Questions
  1. How to convert base64 image to blob image in ionic?
  2. What is the difference between package.json and package-lock.json in Ionic Project.
  3. What is the difference between ngOnInit and ionViewDidLoad lifecycle hooks in Angular and Ionic respectively?
  4. What is Shadow DOM in Ionic 4?
  5. What would you use to display a loading screen to the user while the app is doing something in the background?
  6. How you get a user's current location in an ionic framework? How can you access mobile phone native functionality in Ionic applications, for example, the camera?
  7. What is Virtual Scroll component in Ionic?
  8. How can you identify a platform (iOS or Android) at runtime in the Ionic application?
  9. How to use observables in the Ionic framework?
  10. How can you render a 5000 item list in Ionic, without affecting scroll performance?
  11. What are the different ways to transfer data between Ionic Pages.
  12. How to integrate Google login in an Ionic app?
  13. What component or web-component in Ionic 4 is used to add a back button in the navigation bar? Share an example of how you would use it.
  14. How to add a Custom initial splash screen in Ionic?
  15. Performance of Ionic application is bad on older Android devices. Why is this, and what can be done to improve it?
  16. How can you access mobile phone native functionality in Ionic applications, for example the camera?
  17. How can you create a button with rounded corners and outline but no background color?
  18. What Angular Module would you use to make network calls to an external API?
  19. How do you configure routes for tabs in an ionic app ?
  20. Describe briefly how to create a service with get and post requests.
  21. If more than one component is trying to make an HTTP call to same URL, then how can you restrict making 2 network calls?
  22. How to add maxLength on ion-input?
  23. What is Ionic header bar and where it is located? What is Ionic footer bar and where it is located?
  24. How do you persist data between application launches using Ionic framework?
  25. What is the advantage of caching the views in Ionic apps? Provide examples.
  26. What is the routerLink directive?
  27. How would you debug your code if an Ionic Native plugin is not working in the browser?
  28. How would navigate from One page/component to another page/component in Ionic 4?
  29. How can we show tabular data in responsive manner in ionic?
  30. How can you make your ionic app work in offline mode ?
  31. How to integrate essential JS Electron apps with Ionic?
  32. What is $ionic backdrop?
  33. How to open a download link while inside an ionic inAppBrowser?
  34. What is async and await explain it with a code snippet.
  35. How to disable content scrolling in IONIC?
  36. Explain briefly unit testing in Ionic 4.
  37. How To Use Service/providers In Ionic?
  38. What Is MVC, MVP And MVVM Design Patterns?
  39. What's The Difference Between Ionic Build And Ionic Prepare?
  40. How can you use a custom component in multiple pages ?