1. Explain caching in Drupal?
  2. Can you explain how the database system of Drupal works?
  3. What is a render array in Drupal?
  4. What is Drupal’s taxonomy system and what are some of its key features?
  5. Explain the concept of “nodes” in a Drupal system.
  6. What Are Hooks?
  7. What is Node and Block in Drupal?
  8. What is PDO?
  9. Where should we use theme hook and what is the use of that file?
  10. Which design pattern is used by Drupal?
  11. How to add custom PHP codes in pages using Drupal?
  12. What are disadvantages of Drupal?
  13. What does sticky at top of lists do in publishing options while creating the front page?
  14. What is the use of Configuration menu?
  15. How would you optimize a Drupal website?
  16. What are the advantages of Drupal?
  17. How to remove breadcrumbs from my Drupal pages?
  18. How to add custom PHP codes in my Drupal pages or blocks?
  19. How do I get my site to have SEO-friendly URLs?
  20. How can I enable clean URLs in Drupal?
  21. When can a Drupal user not edit a node they created?
  22. What is the difference between Drupal and Ruby on Rails?
  23. What is database abstraction layer in Drupal?
  24. Explain the path system of Drupal?
  25. Explain Modules in Drupal?
  26. What are some most commonly used PHP based CMS?
  27. Why is Ctools used in Drupal?
  28. What are patches in Drupal?
  29. What is Drupal cron?
  30. Why is the 'search' function in Drupal is better than other CMS?
  31. Why you shouldn’t modify core drupal files ?
  32. Why does Drupal need a database? What databases are supported?
  33. What Does Drupal Do?
  34. What is teaser in Drupal?
  35. What is drupal weight?
  36. What Is Comment Moderation In Drupal?
  37. What is entity api module?
  38. What are available SEO modules in Drupal?
  39. What are the five conceptual layers in Drupal system?
  40. What are Drupal blocks?
  41. What is Drupal Pane module?
  42. Can you explain the Function and Working of Dashboard Module ?
  43. How to use the contextual filter?
  44. What is a Web Content Management System?
  45. How you can drop the table using module?
  46. What is subtheme?
  47. What is responsive theme?
  48. When do I need a contextual filter vs. a relationship?
  49. How to interact with Drupal search system?
  50. What is a patch in Drupal and how will we apply patch in drupal?
  51. How to use preprocess function?
  52. What is Drupal error handling?
  53. What is Drupal Pane module?
  54. What is the use of server field in setup payments?
  55. What modules do you always recommend and why?
  56. how to improve DRUPAL performance for anonymous and authenticated users ?
  57. Explain the capabilities of views module.
  58. What are the technical differences between Joomla and Drupal?
  59. Do you keep regular backups?
  60. What is drupal panels?
  61. What is drupal cache?
  62. What is critical path?
  63. What is triage?
  64. Can Drupal work with JavaScript?
  65. Explain the flow of information between the 5 main layers of Drupal?
  66. Can you comment on the Scalability factor of Drupal?
  67. Explain coding standards in Drupal?
  68. How to install a new module in Drupal?