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The Best Cold Recruiting Email Templates for Passive Candidates

Best Cold Recruiting Email Templates

It is not easy to hire passive candidates compared to active ones. In its latest Talent Solutions Report, LinkedIn observed that 70% of the workforce across the world consists of passive candidates. Since these passive candidates are generally well employed, they are not looking for a better career opportunity or a job change. In this scenario, cold emailing is one of the best ways to connect with them. However, according to a recruiter study, more than 40% of the recruiters state that candidates avoid responding to emails and calls. Therefore, it is essential to devise a well-crafted email strategy to strike the right chord with the targeted talent pool.

Best Cold Recruiting Email Templates for Passive Candidates

Here are some great ways to design your cold recruiting emails given in the form of 21 different templates:

Use an Appreciative Tone

Everyone likes being encouraged and complimented for their work and achievements. Below are the 5 top ways in which you can praise your passive candidates through cold emails:

  • Hi [Candidate_First Name],

I do make sure that I have done my homework before reaching out to each candidate.

Having spent the last 25 minutes going through your GitHub and LinkedIn profiles, I must say your skills and experience in coding are commendable! Really impressed by your side projects mentioned on LinkedIn and curious to explore more about your knowledge.

I am looking for a new Front-End Developer to propel our team to another level. Would love to tell you why you seem such a perfect fit for the role!

Can you make some time this Friday for a quick call?

[Your Name]

  • Great results in [Recent Project]

Hi [Candidate_First Name],

Each one of us at [Company] is awed by the way you managed [Recent Project]. Our recruiting team insisted on me to connect with you!

We are on the lookout for a new Head of Sales at [Company]. Whether or not you are contemplating a job change, I’d be delighted to tell you about the interesting things we are doing at [Company]!

Let me know if you wish to have a quick chat.

[Your Name]

  • Amazing Speech at [Last Conference]

Hey [Candidate_First Name],

Wowed by your speech on [Topic of Speech] last Thursday! Really thought-provoking!

We are planning to implement most of what you spoke about at [Company], and also, we are finding a new Design Head to execute the same.

I reckon this would be a valuable opportunity for you to inspire and lead a team. Let me know if you wish to know more about it.

[Your Name]

  • Now, I know why everyone admires you so much…

Hi [Candidate_First Name],

I must admit I’m truly impressed! Having spoken to my relevant contacts at [City] marketing space and seeing how each one of them is full of praise for you, I did some research and got to know the reason!

I think you would be the right fit for our marketing team at [Company]. Our team is a diligent bunch of people who breathe copy, content, and coffee.

Let me know if you can find time for a quick chat on Tuesday at 4 pm.

[Your Name]

  • Hi [Candidate_First Name],

My name is [Name], and I am the [Job Position] at [Company].

I happened to stumble upon your latest feature in [Publication Name] and was pretty impressed by your writing style.

Presently, we are looking for a [Role] of similar acumen and experience. I think you can really boost the creativity level of our team.

Do let me know if you want to know more about the role!

[Your Name]

Build Relationship With New Candidates

Sometimes, you wish to develop a relationship with potential candidates in order to be able to recruit them in the future. For this, your emails should be directed to seek their opinion or help on an important professional matter. Glance through 3 awesome ways to engage with new candidates:

  • Hey [Candidate_First Name],

I absolutely loved your blog post on strengthening marketing teams! It appears like you have tackled the process multiple times.

I would really love to draw upon your experience.

Free for a quick coffee this coming Monday? I’ll be paying...

[Your Name]

  • How did you really do it?

Hi [Candidate_First Name],

I am really amazed at your result in [Latest Project]! Our squad has been striving to achieve that kind of success for ages!

If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you something:

What did you do differently to make the project amazingly successful? Would love to pick your brain here…

[Your Name]

  • Quick Advice...

Hi [Candidate_First Name],

Our entire group was awed by your recent video on running products teams, especially [Specific Detail/Point].

Any chance you could come in and provide some insights on best practices for the team?

They would really appreciate it...

[Your Name]

Personalise Your Emails

It is not quite simple to draft personalised emails. However, sometimes you need to use certain personalisation tactics to source the passive candidates. You will generally have to begin by studying their profiles and social media to create emails that are uniquely suitable to them. Here are 5 personalised cold email templates to connect with the passive job candidates:

  • Looking for Node.js Developers... Can we have a quick chat?

Hey [Candidate_First Name],

I was searching for top Node.js Developers in the [City] area and chanced upon your LinkedIn profile. I landed up digging deeper into your Github profile! As you look like an ideal fit for our company, I am strongly compelled to contact you.

If you’re interested, feel free to reach out at your convenience.

[Your Name]

  • 10 things to pursue in 2019

Hi [Candidate_First Name],

Came across your latest post on Twitter, made me pause and reflect if I had managed any of those top 10 things in 2019?

Job change didn’t make the list, but I do see you as an appropriate fit for the role we are hiring for...

Can you find some time tomorrow between 2–4 pm? Would be glad to tell you more.

[Your Name]

  • Stanford University to [Company]!

Hi [Candidate_First Name],

Absolutely dazzled by all that you have accomplished since leaving Stanford – which school did you attend? I studied management at Stanford a few years back...

At [Company], we are searching for people who have mastered skills like [Particular Skill Example] for [Role].

Having checked out your LinkedIn profile, I believe you would perfectly suit the role. What about a quick call tomorrow at 3 pm?

[Your Name]

  • Do you still play the piano? We have a company band…

Hey [Candidate_First Name],

[Your Name] here from [Company], I handle our recruiting team.

I happened to notice that you are sort of a superstar on the piano – do you still love to play it?

We have got our own band at [Company] that likes to play a few times every week.

Interested in our upcoming audition?

[Your Name]

  • Searching for a golf-playing sales rep. Interested?

Hey [Candidate_First Name],

I noticed that you’re not only good at nailing sales targets but also amazing at golf!

We truly applaud the brilliant sales reps who keep up with their health goals!

If you feel inclined to work at a place that prioritises health, hit ‘reply’, and we can set up a suitable time to discuss further details.

[Your Name]

Avail a Mutual Connection

If it is more difficult to connect directly, you can always utilise a reference to build the trust of your prospective candidates. Given below are 3 different means to make use of a mutual connection in cold emailing:

  • Hey [Candidate_First Name],

[Connection] just told me about your software development skills! He shared your contact details with me and recommended that I reach out.

We are looking for a team lead, and I think you would be an excellent fit. Can you find some time tomorrow morning to discuss the role in detail?

[Your Name]

  • Coffee with [Connection] and me?

Hey [Candidate_First Name],

I am [Your Name], recruiting manager at [Company]. We are hiring for [Role], and while I was consulting my connections about the most capable candidates in the [City] area, [Connection] suggested that I contact you; he/she told me that you would make a great fit for [Role].

If you’re interested to learn more about the opportunity, do inform me, and I’ll ensure that your friend, [Connection], also comes along...

[Your Name]

  • Hi [Candidate_First Name],

I am contacting you since [Connection] mentioned your extraordinary skills and aptness for the role of [Designation].

We are an emerging team of technology-driven people who place a high value on quality of work. Currently, we are hiring for [Role] at [Company].

Can you make some time tomorrow to learn more about the role?

[Your Name]

Templates for Hard-to-fill Positions

Regardless of the size and type of company, it is just tough to find competent candidates for certain job positions. These profiles generally relate to technical, design, and marketing roles. Glimpse through the following 5 templates for cold emailing candidates for hard-to-fill job positions:

  • Fan of yours...

Hi [Candidate_First Name],

I have been following your work on Dribbble for some time and must say that you are quite consistent in sharing high-quality stuff. In fact, it has become our design team’s favourite source. They really derive valuable inspiration from your work!

I reckon you would be a right fit for [Role] we are looking for...

Would love to divulge more details about [Role]! Can you find some time in the coming week?

[Your Name]

  • Hey [Candidate_First Name],

I have been looking for [City] ’s best developers since last week. Yet I couldn’t find anyone with as good skills as yours!

Your experience and skills, especially [Specific Skill Example], are totally off the charts! I think you would be a terrific fit for [Role] we are currently searching for...

Would like to tell you why you would love the opportunity!

Can we have a short call on Tuesday at 3 pm?

[Your Name]

  • We aspire to grow...

Hey [Candidate_First Name],

Really amazed at your ability to advance every business you got into!

I am the Recruitment Head at [Company]. We are looking for a marketing rockstar who can drive our team to the next level. You may check out more about the role on our website, but I’d also like to talk to you in person...

Coffee next Wednesday?

[Your Name]

  • Hi [Candidate_First Name],

I am [Your Name] at [Company]. I saw your profile on GitHub and was really impressed with their experience in [Specific Field].

We are currently finding a [Role] to raise the innovative potential of our team. I would love to give a little more details about the role and also learn from your experience.

Would you be available next week? If so, I would be glad to set up a call for discussion.

[Your Name]

  • Hey [Candidate_First Name],

My name is [Name]. I am [Your Position] at [Company]. I just came across your LinkedIn profile and was immediately awed by your outstanding skills and vast experience in [Specific Field].

We’ve been looking for a [Role] to join our team of amazing experts, and I feel you would make an excellent fit for the role.

I’d be happy to tell you about some cool projects we are working on!

Can we have a short discussion in the coming week?

[Your Name]

The importance of emails cannot be undermined whether you are reaching out to active or passive candidates. For obvious reasons, it is generally hard to get replies from the passive talent pool. So, you need to keep your email short and crisp and, at the same time, intrigue the candidate with your unique offering. Cold emails for passive candidates are required to be less professional and more customised to arouse their interest in a way that persuades them to learn more about your company and the offered job role. Lastly, every professional wants to be valued for the value he/she delivers to the company.

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