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Pre-employment resources to improve your hiring process and find the best candidates for the job. Pre-employment assessments are an effective way for employers to determine which applicants are qualified for a particular role and prioritize them for interviews.

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Science behind the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test

Developed by British psychologist John Carlyle Raven in the 1930s, the Raven's Progressive Matrices test has become an indispensable tool for researchers and professionals alike, providing unique insights into human cognitive abilities.

Skills-Based Hiring Statistics

Long gone are the days of degree-based hiring. Companies now want skilled people - with or without a degree. Here are the top skills-based hiring statistics:

Resume Screening Checklist To Spot Top Candidates

A resume screening checklist helps filter unqualified candidates and identify truly talented ones, making your recruitment process efficient!

Why tech recruiters are switching to Adaface

The screening signals that recruiters typically use: resumes, Github profiles, StackOverflow activity, qualifications and previous employers are noisy. Here's how we circumvent the typical issues with the traditional techniques used in tech hiring, by transforming the screening process.

13 Different Types of Aptitude Tests

Different types of aptitude tests offer an objective way to evaluate a candidate's skills and shortlist those who meet specific hiring criteria. Here are the top 13:

Skills-Based Hiring: Benefits And Best Practices

Skills-based hiring refers to the process of hiring candidates for a job based on predetermined competencies and skills as the main criteria.

How To Choose The Right Pre-Employment Assessment Tool

Thinking about investing in online employment screening tests? This short guide will help you get started:

Why Engineers Won't Do Your Coding Test

Most engineers today frown at the idea of completing a coding test, and over 50% straight out refuse to do status quo assessments (based on our research with 100+ companies in SEA). Here are the most common reasons why.

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