Bootstrap General Interview Questions
  1. Why Bootstrap is used for Mobile Web development?
  2. Explain the features of Bootstrap.
  3. Define the key components of Bootstrap.
  4. What do you understand by Bootstrap container?
  5. What do you mean by Bootstrap Classloader?
  6. How many types of layouts are there in Bootstrap?
  7. What do you mean by the Bootstrap Grid System?
  8. Define Fluid Layout.
  9. Define Fixed Layout.
  10. Please explain Normalize in Bootstrap.
  11. How can you display code in Bootstrap?
  12. When will you use <code> tag and <pre> tag?
  13. What is a progress bar in bootstrap?
  14. Can you enumerate the various lists supported by Bootstrap?
  15. Name the contextual classes that are used with the progressive bar in bootstrap.
  16. What are responsive utility classes in Bootstrap?
  17. What are the different button styles in Bootstrap?
  18. What are Bootstrap alerts?
  19. Define Bootstrap thumbnails.
  20. Explain Modal plugin in Bootstrap.
  21. Which class is used for pagination in Bootstrap?
  22. Explain what is Bootstrap collapsing elements.
  23. What is Bootstrap Well?
  24. Explain the uses of the carousel plugin in Bootstrap.
  25. What do you mean by Glyphicons? How do you use them?
  26. Please provide an explanation of input groups in Bootstrap.
  27. How will you create a tabbed, pills, and vertical pills navigation menu in Bootstrap?
  28. What do you understand by the Bootstrap navbar? How will you create one?
  29. How can we customize links of pagination in Bootstrap?
  30. Explain the input group in Bootstrap.
  31. Write the ways to create a tabbed navigation menu in Bootstrap.
  32. In Bootstrap, how can you create a pills navigation menu?
  33. Can you explain Bootstrap breadcrumb?
  34. How do you create and customize thumbnails in Bootstrap?
  35. What do you understand by Bootstrap media objects?
  36. What purposes do the .media and .useful classes serve in Bootstrap?
  37. Can you explain the purpose of the Scrollspy plugin?
  38. Please enumerate the various contextual classes available for styling the panels in Bootstrap.
  39. How navbar works in Bootstrap?
  40. How we can create a navbar in Bootstrap?
  41. What is Bootstrap breadcrumb?
  42. What are labels in Bootstrap?
  43. What are badges in Bootstrap?
  44. What is a jumbotron in Bootstrap?
  45. How can we make image responsive in Bootstrap?
  46. What do you mean by normalize in Bootstrap?
  47. What is lead body copy in Bootstrap?
  48. Explain the concept of creating a vertical or basic form in Bootstrap.