Appium General Interview Questions
  1. List out the types of mobile app testing.
  2. What is the Appium philosophy?
  3. What Is Appium?
  4. List out the Appium abilities.
  5. Do you need a server machine to run tests on Appium?
  6. List some issues Faced With Cross-Platform Testing.
  7. How can you run iOS tests without Appium?
  8. List out the most common problem that a tester faces while performing mobile testing in Cloud Computing.
  9. What is Appium Inspector and why is it used?
  10. List out the pre-requisite to use Appium.
  11. What language does Appium support?
  12. Do you need a server machine to run tests on Appium?
  13. Is it possible to interact with my apps using Javascript while I am testing with Appium?
  14. Mention what are the most difficult scenarios to test with Appium?
  15. While using Appium can I run my tests in a multithreaded environment?
  16. In Android, do you need an app's .apk to automate using Appium or you also need app in my workspace?
  17. Difference between Selenium and Appium?
  18. Disadvantages of using Appium.
  19. What is XPATH?
  20. What is Explicit and Implicit wait in Appium?
  21. List some common Exceptions in Appium.
  22. Explain data exchange in Appium.
  23. Name the tools you used in debugging Appium.
  24. What are native Apps?
  25. What are Mobile Web Apps?
  26. What are hybrid apps?
  27. Name the test frameworks that are supported by Appium.
  28. How can you find the DOM element or X path in case of a mobile application?
  29. In the case of the Android platform is it necessary to have an app’s .apk so that it can automate using Appium or do we also need an app in the workspace?
  30. What is the underlying API that Appium follows?
  31. How can you inspect elements that are present in the Native Android App?
  32. Mention the method with which you can scroll down in App?
  33. How can you inspect elements on the IOS apps?
  34. Write the command that will allow you to identify objects uniquely when there are multiple objects within the same class name using Appium?
  35. What are Testability layers?
  36. What is the most difficult scenario to test with Appium?
  37. What are desired capabilities in Appium?
  38. What is UDID?
  39. What is UiAutomator in Appium?
  40. Mention the method with which you can swipe in App.
  41. What is a Xcode in Appium?
  42. What is the Full form of apk extension?