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Android Developer Salary in 2024

Keerthi Rangan

April 23, 2024

With over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world and with the forecast of growing over the 3.8 billion mark by next year, the use of hybrid and native mobile applications is growing on a massive scale.

Countries such as China, India, and the United States have the highest number of smartphone users, with each country easily surpassing the 100 million user mark.

The Android operating system (OS) was officially released in 2007 and is now the adopted system for almost every app developer other than those who develop applications for the Apple and Symbian operating system. The majority of those who pursue a career in mobile application development choose to become either an iOS developer or an Android developer. This article attempts to shed light on what the global market expects and offers Android developers.

What's included:

Who is an Android Developer and what do they do?

In its crudest form, application development deals with the creation of various mobile applications. An Android application developer is a software developer who specializes in designing and developing mobile applications for the Android platform.

They are tasked with creating applications that can range from simple applications such as a calculator app to complex applications like a multiplayer game app.

Why developers love Android?

More than 12 million mobile app developers are present globally of which android developers are over 6 million. Android applications are developed using Java, C++, and Kotlin programming languages.

Below are some of the reasons why Android app development is preferred among developers:

Easy Portability

Java is the main programming language when it comes to the development of Android apps. Because of this apps are easily transferrable to other mobile operating systems such as Blackberry, Symbian, etc.

Easy and quick to learn

Easy availability of resources and flexible methods of development makes it extremely easy and quick to develop applications on the Android platform.

Open Source

Another added advantage that the Android environment has over other platforms is it being an open-source leader. Manufacturers of smartphones and tablets can easily access the platform and mold it to their needs. This promotes creativity which leads to applications with better quality and functionality.

Sufficiency of devices

Because of its open-source platform, the majority of smartphone manufacturers use Android as their OS, growing the smartphone market day-by-day.

Android Developer Responsibilities

  1. Design and development of advanced applications for use on all types of Android devices and their respective versions.
  2. Unit-testing the code for edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
  3. Implementing security measures to safeguard user data.
  4. Collaborating with cross-functional teams such as the Design and Testing teams to define, design, and ship new features.
  5. Creating and releasing application updates, which includes bug fixes, additional features, and improved performance.
  6. Continuously discover, evaluate, learn, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

Android Developer Required Skills

  1. Programming skills: Excellent knowledge or proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, or C++. Hands-on experience with using APIs and Android Studio, including the Android SDK.
  2. Architecture: A firm understanding of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies. Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.
  3. Design skills: Possession of strong design intuition and user empathy.
  4. Analytical and Critical thinking: Find analytical and objective solutions to business problems.
  5. Communication skills: Communicating with the design team and testing team to understand and implement user requirements in the existing or new system.
  6. People skills: Team player, self-driven, and good time-management skills.

Android Developer Salary

The highest average annual salaries for Android developers are seen in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland and the lowest average annual salaries are present in countries such as Egypt and India.

The average Android developer salary in India is around $5982, and that in the United States is around $86,121.

Factors Influencing Android Developer Salary

Some of the primary factors affecting the salary of Android developers are listed below:

  1. Experience
  2. Skills
  3. Location

To understand how Android developer salary can change based on the above-said factors, we are going to consider data from India and the US.

Android Developer Salary based on Experience

Based on the experience of the candidates, there are three main types of android app developers – beginner (entry-level), mid-level and senior.

Entry-Level Android Developers

Beginner application developers are people who have just started working in the field of mobile app development. These developers are required to have at least one-two functioning apps in the Android market place. Familiarity with Java, Android SDK, and version control systems (like Git) is important for Entry-level app developers.

According to PayScale, the annual average salary for an Entry-Level Android Developer in India is ₹205,563 or $2723 and in the US is $68,166.

Pay by Experience of Android developers in India - Adaface salary guide
Mid-level Android Developers

Mid-level app developers are seen as the people who have already put in some time and research into their area of expertise. Working experience with Java, Android, and XML are important for Mid-level app developers. Writing user guidelines, reports, and analysis are important for them.

According to PayScale, the annual average salary for a Mid-Level Android Developer in India is ₹820,884 or $10,874 and in the US is $102,418.

Senior Android Developers

Senior application developers are often tasked with high priority tasks which result in the highest Android developer salary. Some of the top required skills are working experience with web applications, User Interface, Android API, etc.

According to PayScale, the annual average salary for a Senior Android Developer in India is ₹1,316,973 or $17,446 and in the US is $116,065.

Pay by Experience of Android developers in US - Adaface salary guide

Android Developer Salary based on Skills

According to PayScale, the skills that are likely to increase the salary are the knowledge of C++ and/or Kotlin. Knowledge of data management also influences the salary of Android developers.

Pay by Skills of Android developers - Adaface salary guide

Android Developer Salary based on Location

Location plays an important factor that influences Android developer salaries in countries like India and the USA.

In India, according to PayScale, Android developers based in Bangalore earn an average of 34.4% more than the national average. App developer salary is higher than the national average salaries in Mumbai (12.8% more). The lowest salaries can be found in Ahmedabad (16.8% less), Chennai (12.0% less), and Hyderabad (2.4% less).

In the US, Android developers based in San Francisco earn an average of 44.4% more than the national average salary. App developer salary is higher than national average salaries in Seattle (19.7% more) and Boston (7.7% more). Android developer salary is the lowest in Chicago (1.4% less).

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Keerthi Rangan

Keerthi is a Content Marketing Strategist at Adaface.

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