Agile Advanced Interview Questions
  1. What do you understand by the term “Scrum of Scrums”?
  2. Scrum is an Agile framework, right? Name a few other Agile frameworks.
  3. Explain some common metrics for Agile.
  4. Is it ever suggested to use waterfall over Scrum? If yes, explain when.
  5. Why does Scrum encourage the use of automated testing for projects?
  6. What do you know about “Planning Poker” technique?
  7. Name some methodologies and development where you have used the Agile model.
  8. What is the difference between the agile & traditional way of working?
  9. What is the difference between Sprint Planning Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meeting?
  10. How is an agile testing methodology different from other testing methodologies?
  11. When can you say your story is ready to develop/groom enough to deliver?
  12. Can you explain the lean methodology in detail?
  13. Is there any difference between incremental and iterative development?
  14. Can you explain pair programming and its benefits?
  15. Mention the principles of Agile testing.
  16. What is an agile manifesto and its principle?
  17. Is it ever suggested to use waterfall over Scrum? If yes, explain when.
  18. What is an epic, user stories and task?
  19. Explain what is re-factoring?
  20. Explain how you can measure the velocity of the sprint with varying team capacity?
  21. Mention the key difference between sprint backlog and product backlog?
  22. What is test driven development?
  23. Prototypes and Wireframes are widely used as part of?
  24. What is story points/efforts/ scales?
  25. Explain what is tracer bullet?
  26. What is a test stub?
  27. Mention what are the Tools that can be useful for screenshots while working on Agile projects?
  28. Explain how can you implement scrum in an easy way to your project?
  29. Explain what does it mean by product roadmap?
  30. Is canceling a Sprint possible? Who can cancel a Sprint?
  31. What are the primary tools used in a Scrum project?
  32. What do you mean by release candidate?
  33. Define the roles in Scrum?
  34. What is Sprint 0 and Spike?
  35. What is User-Story Mapping?
  36. How to deal with Score Creep?
  37. What does DoD mean?
  38. How can a Scrum Master be a Servant Leader?