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Adaface vs. Codility: which skills assessment tool should you use?

Elle Wong

May 21, 2024

Pre-employment testing platform enable you to screen candidates at the initial stages of the hiring process in an automated way. This enables companies to save time and reduce bias by screening candidates on the basis of their skills as opposed to pedigree or educational background.

With 200+ skill testing tools on the market, it can be difficult to make a purchase decision. Here we offer a detailed comparison of Adaface and Codility, two of the most popular pre-employment testing tools.

What is Adaface?

Adaface automates the screening process with 500+ tests. You can use Adaface to screen candidates for roles ranging from engineering, IT, cloud, customer service, sales, project management, office admininstration, finance, accounting and more. Over 1500 companies in 80 countries use Adaface to screen their candidates.

Adaface Homepage

With Adaface, screening candidates is extremely straightforward. You can select a test from the test library and start inviting candidates to complete it in 2 clicks. Once they complete the test, you receive an email notification. You can review their scores, an AI analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and industry benchmarks.

What is Codility?

Codility helps tech companies screen talent for their software engineering positions.

Codility Homepage

The Codility platform has 3 core components:

  • CodeCheck: enables companies to create coding tests and invite candidates to complete them.
  • CodeLive: enables hiring manager to conduct programming interviews, where they can pair-program with candidates to gauge their skill level.
  • CodeEvent: enables companies to conducts campus recruitment hackathons.

Adaface vs. Codility: Test library

Pre-employment testing platforms include tests in their test library based on their focus areas. Depending on your requirements, you might have to use more than 1 testing platform to cover all your hiring requirements. Using a platform with a wider focus allows you to use the same platform across all your hiring needs.

Adaface's Test Library:

Adaface Test Library

Adaface focuses on scenario based questions designed to mimic real-world problems.

Adaface offers 500+ tests across several categories:

  • Coding and programming tests
  • IT skill tests
  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Typing and data entry tests
  • Attention to detail tests
  • Personality tests
  • Role specific tests

You can also request custom tests which are created by our subject matter experts based on your job description (within 48 hours). In addition, you can also customize the test by uploading your own questions in multiple formats.

Codility's Test Library:

Codility Test Library

Codility is focused on coding tests for engineering roles. Their test library covers 90+ tests for programming languages and software frameworks.

Comparison between Adaface and Codility's Test Libraries

Type of testAdafaceCodility
Programming tests
Project style coding tests-
Cognitive ability tests-
Personality tests-
Typing tests-
Finance/ Accounting tests-
Language proficiency tests-

Adaface vs. Codility: Anti-cheating or proctoring measures

Anti-cheating measures and control give you the confidence to rely on the results you receive from using a pre-employment screening platform. It brings all candidates to an equal footing, making sure no candidate is able to use unfair means to complete the test and that all candidates who passed the test were able to do so on the basis of their skills.

Adaface’s proctoring features or anti-cheating measures

Adaface Proctoring

Adaface gives you an advanced proctoring suite so that you can be assured that the results are accurate and reflective of candidates' ability.

The anti-cheating measures include:

  • Web proctoring: to monitor and report time spent outside the assessment window.
  • Webcam proctoring: to capture candidate's screenshots at regular intervals (with permission).
  • IP address proctoring: to ensure that the test is being taken from only one location
  • Copy-paste protection: Copy-paste is disabled in the assessment interface, to ensure that candidates need to solve the problem by themselves.
  • Full-screen proctoring: ensures that the candidates are unable to use other applications/ tabs during the assessment.
  • Session proctoring: Any candidate activity outside the assessment window is monitored, captured and reported in the scorecard (with permission). For e.g. if a candidates uses ChatGPT during the assessment, you will see that activity in their scorecard.

Codility’s proctoring features or anti-cheating measures

Codility Proctoring

Codility has a ID verification feature. If turned on, candidates need to select their country and upload an official document verifying their identity (for e.g. passport). For high-scale hiring, this is useful to combat identity fraud to clear assessments.

Codility also has webcam proctoring, to monitor the candidate's screenshots during the assessment (with permission).

Comparison between Adaface and Codility's anti-cheating measures

Anti-cheating measureAdafaceCodility
Web proctoring
Webcam or video proctoring
Copy-paste protection-
IP proctoring-
Social listening for task leaks
Plagiarism detection
Full-screen proctoring
Session proctoring

Adaface vs. Codility: Engineer sentiment

Codility reviews

Codility ReviewsCodility ReviewsCodility ReviewsCodility Reviews

Adaface reviews

Adaface vs. Codility: ATS integrations

An integration of your assessment platform with your ATS means that you can do all of the following directly from your ATS:

  • Send a particular test to a particular candidate
  • Track if the candidate has completed the test
  • View scores and reports directly from your ATS

This means that you can monitor all your hiring activity in one central place.

Adaface's ATS integrations

Adaface Integrations

Adaface offers ATS integrations with top ATS systems:

  • Workable
  • Greenhouse
  • Lever
  • Ashby
  • SmartRecruiters
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Oorwin
  • Turbohire

In addition, Adaface is willing to integrate with your ATS of choice. Adaface also integrates with Slack and Hubspot, so that your recruitment team is always up-to-date on the latest.

Codility's ATS integrations

Codility Integrations

Codility offers integrations with SmartRecruiters, Ashby, Greenhouse, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday and Workable.

Adaface vs. Codility: Pricing

Assessment platform typically offer monthly or annual subscriptions. Most platforms also offer a free-trial or a free plan.

Adaface's pricing

Adaface pricing

Adaface offers 7 pricing plans, depending on your requirements.

  • Individual: 180$/ year for 12 credits/ year
  • Starter: 500$/ year for 50 credits/ year
  • Pro: 900$/ year for 100 credits/ year
  • Scale: 3000$/ year for 500 credits/ year
  • Growth: 5500$/ year for 1000 credits/ year
  • Enterprise: 20,000$/ year for 5000 credits/ year
  • Unlimited: 50,000$ for an unlimited number of credits/ year

This is how credits work:

  • 5 credits for a ready-to-go test
  • 10 credits for a custom test
  • 1 credit per candidate invite (unused credits are added back)

Example: You get 1 custom test made (10 credits) and invite 90 candidates (90 credits). That's a total of 100 credits used.

Depending on the number of candidates you expect to screen in the next 12 months, you can purchase a plan. You can also cancel your subscription at any point from your dashboard.

Codility's pricing

Codility pricing

Codility's pricing starts at $1200/ year. They do not offer an open free trial, but you can request it. Their Starter plan is $1200/ year which would give you 120 invites and the Scale plan is 500$/ month, which gives you 25 invites. For higher usage, you can reach out to the company for a custom plan.

Adaface vs. Codility: Scorecards and reporting

When a candidate completes the skill test, you receive a report from the pre-employment testing platform with the details and analysis of their performance.

A clear report with insights on their performance is helpful to make decisions about which candidates to move forward with.

Adaface's scorecards

Adaface reports

An Adaface report breaks down the performance of the candidate on a question-basis and a category-basis. There is also a pass/ fail recommendation, based on the comparative performance of your candidates and industry benchmarks. You can also export the report as a PDF. You can review a sample scorecard.

For coding questions, you also see a timeline of their progress, which helps understand their thought process and code quality.

Codility's scorecards

Adaface reports

Codility reports give you a test level and a question level score. They also have a timeline feature to show how the candidate progressed through the question. You can also export the report as a PDF.

Adaface vs. Codility: Candidate experience

Adaface's candidate experience

Adaface candidate interface

The Adaface candidate interface is in a chatbot format to enable a friendly candidate experience. The AI assistant presents the question to the candidate, and gives a hint if they get it wrong. This enables the AI to score the candidates in a non-binary way and collect more granular data about their skillset. Candidates also find the experience closer to that of an "interview" than a "test".

Assessment assessments are typically 30-50 mins, enabling candidates to complete the test on a weekday without having to preplan too much in advance.

Codility's candidate experience

Codility candidate interface

Codility tries to resemble a standard IDEs used by programmers in their daily work.

Codililty tests are typically longer than 2 hours, which might mean candidates plan for completing them over a weekend.

Adaface vs. Codility: Set up time and ease of use

Pre-employment testing platforms might offer a fully-automated or a manual onboarding process where you need to reach out to a sales executive for access.

Adaface's set up time and ease of use

Adaface offers a fully automated hiring experience. You can:

  • Sign up (for free) on the website.
  • Try the sample tests in the free-trial and preview the real tests.
  • Purchase a plan from the "Billing" tab in your dashboard.
  • Select a test from 200+ ready-to-use tests across roles.
  • Invite candidates with 2 clicks.

Codility's set up time and ease of use

Codility requires you to request a free trial to access the platform for a trial. Once you try it out, you can purchase a plan and create a test. Creating a test might require help from the hiring manager to select the relevant questions for the role. Once the test is set up, you can invite candidates to complete the test.

Adaface vs. Codility: Customer Support

Assessment platforms offer phone, ticket, email and chat-support to their customers to solve their queries. Reliable customer support is critical since hiring can be time-sensitive and maintaining a good candidate experience is a must-hae for building a good employer brand.

Adaface's customer support

Adaface has an online help center which has answers to all frequently asked questions, and in-depth how-to guides.

In addition, the customer support can be reached via live chat from the chat icon on the bottom right of the website or dashboard. The customer support team can also be reached via email:

Adaface also offers onboarding sessions if required. Once you purchase a plan, you will receive an email to schedule an onboarding session.

Codility's customer support

Codility has an online help center for popular questions and product updates. Customers can also reach out via email or by creating a ticket.

Adaface vs. Codility: Conclusion

Adaface and Codility both are focused on helping businesses like yours save time by identifying qualified candidates in an automated way. Codility is a specialized platform for engineering roles, while Adaface offers a wide range of tests for 500+ roles from software engineers, customer support staff, admin assistants, copywriters, product managers, translators and more.

You can sign up for a free trial of Adaface to see Adaface in action.

Elle Wong

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