Adaface is a team of engineers working to create an interview process which attracts 10x engineers.

We believe the best companies are built by 10x engineers.

But the tools we're using to interview engineers test for skills that don't match what engineers do on a day-to-day basis...

... and this is what the "best" screening tools assess engineers for: trick questions.

ridiculously long assessments

intimidatingly long trick questions

binary evaluation

unfriendly messaging

At Adaface, we're building a platform to help companies ask relevant questions, and be more human in their interview process.

We believe in

respecting engineer's time

questions tailed to the role

granular evaluation

friendly messaging

Why engineers ❤️ us

  1. We used Adaface to screen 134 engineers for our Software Engineer role, interviewed 7 of them and made 2 offers within 17 days! To be completely honest, we were skeptical in the beginning, but the feedback we got from the candidates about their interview with Ada was something I would never have expected.

    one of our hires starts tomorrow and the other one in 2 weeks; and you can count on us to be customers for life!

  2. Very friendly, I liked my interaction with Ada. To the point about what I'm working on, what I'm looking for and what you're is looking for.

  3. quite good automation which didn't go in any random and unexpected direction and I liked that it gave the full time to think about the problems and solve them

  4. It was very realistic and it felt as if I had an actual guide with me.

  5. It's quite close to real interview, best automation i've seen to date

  6. smooth, context specific answer, great interface

  7. Yes the first round was one of a kind. I was amazed by the adaface chat bot and sentiment analysis and code editor that pops up within the chat interface. Great experience. Looking forward for the opportunity in CompanyX

  8. The problem statements were well framed. The sequential nature of the problems, helped defining a good thought process.

    and i'd say apart from just questioning and answering it felt like ada had a lot of courtesy, that was the best part. 😬

  9. suprised about the depth of thinking that must have gone into this

  10. The hints were very useful, it felt like the interviewer was really trying to help me solve the question

  11. i'm a fresher, and even though i wasn't able to fully solve the questions Ada asked, it was a very different and refreshing experience from the other tests i have been giving so far

  12. for the first time i felt like a coding test had interesting challenges that weren't puzzles and might be relevant. and it did not feel like a test coz Ada was trying to help me with hints, more like an interview but without having someone stare at you

    It was better than having a conversation over call :)

  13. I just gave my test and I found the test platform very interesting, interactive and new of a kind. The test was also very challenging!

  14. The ability of the interview to understand that coming to solution takes a few minutes and encouraging candidates

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